March Horoscope: What’s in Store for You This Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re wondering what March will bring you this year, look no further. Your horoscope can tell you pretty much everything you need to know. March starts off in dreamy Pisces season and ends in impulsive Aries season, so you might be feeling all the feelings this month. The start of Aries season is also the beginning of a new astrological year, so if you missed out on New Year’s goals, it’s not too late to set the tone for the rest of 2022 now.

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The Month at a Glance 

March 2: The month starts off during Pisces season and with a new moon in Pisces on March 2. With all this water sign energy, you might be feeling more introverted, day-dreamy, and emotional. 

March 5: A few days later on March 5, the sun and Jupiter meet up in Pisces. Jupiter’s the planet of expansion and good luck, so you may be feeling super happy for the few days around this time and could find yourself receiving more opportunities in the area of your life associated with Pisces. 

March 6: Both Mars and Venus enter Aquarius, which means you might be feeling more independent and could be approaching any love or dating situations in a more detached, rational way instead of with your heart.

March 9: When Mercury moves into Pisces, you might be thinking in a more out-of-the-box way, so now’s a good time to work on creative projects.

March 18: On March 18, there’s a full moon in the practical sign of Virgo. You could be starting to actually make plans for the things you were thinking about during the new moon at the beginning of the month and putting those thoughts into action versus just dreaming about them. 

March 20: March 20 marks the beginning of Aries season. Aries are loud, enthusiastic, and competitive, which is a major change from the romantic nature of Pisces season. This is also the beginning of the Astrological New Year and the Spring Equinox. Even though 2022 technically began in January, the astrological calendar starts at the beginning of Aries season, which is why Aries is the first zodiac sign. So if you had kind of a slow start to your resolutions for 2022, you can totally start over now.

March 27: On March 27, Mercury moves into Aries, which means you might be more direct and impulsive in how you communicate and might say what you feel with (hashtag) no filter.  

So now that you know what’s going on, here’s what you can expect in March based on your sign.


During Pisces season and the first half of the month, you may not be feeling up to hanging out with a bunch of people and might just want to spend more time by yourself. But don’t worry—the sun moves into Aries on March 20, putting the spotlight on you, and you’ll be back to your energetic self. You may have been spending more time alone during Pisces season, but when Aries season rolls around, you could find yourself coming back out of your shell and getting more attention. The sun in your sign is basically a fresh start for you, so prepare to set some intentions and goals for the year.  



You’ll be a social butterfly at the start of the month during Pisces season. You may have lots of plans with friends and could be juggling tons of invites. Then, around the middle of the month, you might be finding out how someone feels about you (like if your crush likes you back or if the person you’ve been seeing wants to keep going out with you) or you could be ending things with someone you’re dating. Around March 6, you may be wanting to work on projects that align more closely with your values, and things might be smooth sailing for a while at your job (so you can chill a little). Then, when Aries season starts at the end of March, you might want to spend some alone time after your social Pisces season. 



At the beginning of the month, you’ll be all about work, work, work. Pisces season is the perfect time for you to apply for jobs or get noticed at work, so if you’re looking for a new gig or a raise, now’s the time to do it. Around the 2nd, you could get career news: a job offer, promotion, or a new project to take on. Around the middle of the month, you may be moving houses, redecorating, or just spending more time at home or with family, so you could get a little break from work. Then, during Aries season, you could be feeling more extroverted and may have more social events to attend. Some of this socializing might even be networking opportunities related to your Pisces season efforts, too.



You may have the travel bug during Pisces season, so now’s a good time to start planning that spring break trip to Mexico. You might also be feeling like reading more or getting interested in new subjects. Now’s a perfect time to sign up for a class if there’s something you’ve been dying to learn about. Around the middle of the month, you could be finishing up any projects that involve writing or speaking, like giving a presentation at work or school. Then, at the end of March when Aries season starts, you’ll be thinking about work. You could finally be getting the recognition you deserve at your job (time for a raise?) or you might be interviewing for new jobs.



If you’ve ever thought about dabbling in crypto, now might be the time. You’ll be focused on money during Pisces season, and you could be looking into investing or you might be working on taxes or paying off loans. Around the middle of the month, you may be looking for other ways to make money, like learning new skills, or you could be seeing results from any investments you made at the beginning of the month. Around the 6th, you could see a lot of action in your close relationships—this can be conflict, romance, or commitment. Finally, when Aries season begins, you might be interested in learning new subjects or feeling the urge to travel somewhere new, so start thinking of vacation destinations now. 



Get ready to deal with your relationships during Pisces season. You might be dating someone new or making it official with someone you’re seeing around the start of the month. Your focus will shift to thinking about yourself more around the middle of the month. You might want to buy a whole new wardrobe, get a haircut, or even just do more things that you like to do, like watch your favorite show. Then, when Aries season starts, you could be working on relationship problems you might have or be growing closer to people in your life. Around the 27th, you might want to tell it like it is and be super direct about any relationship struggles or bite the bullet and tackle financial issues—no more procrastinating.



Pisces season is your time to get your life in order. You could be finally starting a workout routine (one that you actually like) or getting around to errands you never do, like laundry and cleaning your house. But Pisces season isn’t all boring for you. Beginning around the 6th, you could start seeing more luck with dating or you may be heating things up with your current partner. You could be seeing the results of your organization efforts and feeling healthier both physically and mentally (and cleaner, if you get that laundry done) around the 18th. Then, during Aries season, you’ll be more focused on relationships. 



Pisces season will be fun and flirty for you. You might start dating someone new around the beginning of the month, or you could be doing things just because you feel like it, like binging Netflix all day instead of going grocery shopping. You might be feeling extra social around the middle of the month. You could be invited to a ton of events with friends or you could also have more group work at your job or in school. But it’s not all fun and games in March, unfortunately. Aries season will mean less play and more work for you (so hopefully you’ll enjoy Pisces season while it lasts). You might be getting into a daily routine by working out more and cooking for yourself. 



Home improvement is the theme for Pisces season and most of March. You may be starting off the month by moving to a new house, redecorating, or cleaning up and organizing your home. Then, around the 18th, you’ll be focused on work. You could be thinking about leaving your job, starting to look for new jobs, or maybe finishing up a project you’ve been working on. When Aries season starts on the 20th, you’ll be all about having fun. You might start a new hobby or you could be taking more time for yourself to relax and do things you like to do. You might also be getting a lot of romantic attention, so if you want a new fling, it’s a good time to start looking. 



The beginning of March will be about reading, writing, and speaking for you—basically anything that involves communicating. You might find a super interesting new book that you can’t put down or have a lot of writing projects to do at work or school. Around the 18th, you might be finishing up things you started at the beginning of the month (like that book you were obsessed with), and you could even be getting something published. When Aries season comes around, you might be spending more time at home or with your family, and you could be planning to move or redecorate your home.



Shopping might be your cardio during Pisces season, and you may be spending more money than usual. You also could be starting an entrepreneurial project that could earn you money in the future. Around the 6th, you could be getting a lot of attention and feeling more motivated and energetic (but also more competitive, so look out for that). Around the middle of the month, money will still be on your mind, but instead of spending, you might be making up for your shopping sprees. You could get a raise at work or you might start budgeting or investing. Then, when Aries season hits, you may be focused on learning new things or trying to be more direct with people.


Picked just for you, Aquarius


Pisces season is your time to shine—it’s your season, after all. Since the sun is in your sign, you’ll be getting a lot of attention. This is a great time to start anything new you’ve been wanting to do: cut your hair, dress differently, start a new project you’ve been meaning to work on, or begin dating. The beginning of the month, especially around the 5th, will be super lucky for you, so look out for opportunities coming your way. Around the 18th, you could break up with someone or you may be reevaluating and thinking a lot about your relationships. Then, when Aries season starts, you might be spending more money or teaching yourself new skills.



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