Martha Stewarts New California Closets Line Is Ideal for Rental Renos

When you live in a small space, bits and pieces of your wardrobe inevitably end up everywhere: tucked under the bed, hung in the front hall, stuffed in a credenza. Imagine what it would be like if all your prized possessions were located in one seamless, custom closetno sad racks or wonky shelves in sight. If you rent your place, this has always been an impossibility (construction and landlords do not mix), but Martha Stewart just collaborated with California Closets on its first-ever modular line to finally make that dream a reality for renters and organization enthusiasts alike.

The Everyday System,availabletoday, can be configured hundreds of waysfrom a walk-in closet to a kitchen pantry to a home officethanks to hidden tracks behind the adjustable shelves and optional components (think: mesh-basket drawers and cabinet doors). Stewarts personal touch: the white wood and gold metal finishes, inspired by her own home. Pricing for the units start at $999, but the organization ideas were stealing are priceless.

Store Folded Garments in a Central Cupboard

folded clothes behind a door
Photography courtesy of California Closets

Not everything is meant to go on a hanger. As we learned from Anna Z. Grays rental closet makeover, a central column with cubbyholes at different heights is ideal for jeans, sweaters, and even bags. The Everyday System features a trio of drawers, too, so you can swiftly hide disheveled piles.

Double Up on Hanging Racks

black closet with shelves
Photography courtesy of California Closets

If you dont have a designated nook for a dressing room, make the most of a simple reach-in by stacking two rods. California Closetss design is configured with more than 87 inches of hanging and overhead storage, taking full advantage of every inch of vertical space.

Tilt Your Shoe Collection

shoes on a white rack
Photography courtesy of California Closets

The tiniest tweak can make a big difference. An angled shoe rack, like this one thats integrated into the walk-in configuration, means you can easily find and grab your favorite pairs on the go.

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