Men’s Bomber Jacket | What To Buy And How To Style

The men's bomber jacket is a style staple that every guy should consider when building his timeless, capsule wardrobe.

They're sleek, suit a variety of different formalities and can be worn by men both young and mature. But with so many choices on the market, it can be hard to know what to buy and (more importantly) how to style your men's bomber jacket.

As ever, I've got you covered. I've put together my guide to help you find the perfect bomber jacket for you and your needs.

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Bomber Jacket History

ww1 soldiers

Men's bomber jackets have been a men's wardrobe staple since they first appeared in the clothing of WWI aviators. The military-inspired silhouette has become a must-have item for men and women ever since, but it wasn't always seen as a sign of effortless style.

Back then it was more about functionality than fashion. The cropped waistline could be fitted with removable fur for added warmth, ideal for long night-time air raids, while the tightly fitted cuffs and collars were designed to protect against drafts and keep flying goggles from slipping off during open-air cockpit combat.

Nowadays, men’s bomber jackets still have some practicality – they are usually treated with weatherproof material that helps protect against rainfall – but they’re mainly just an iconic wardrobe choice to add a little flair to any look.

When Should You Wear A Bomber Jacket?

Infographic - Bomber-Flight-Jacket

The men's bomber jacket: classic and versatile, perfect for a night out, or a day outdoors!

But which season is best to rock it? Winter definitely seems like the obvious answer; after all, who doesn’t love wearing cozy warm layers?

But don’t forget about Fall and Spring as well!

Heck, some guys even wear a bomber jacket in the summer!

My point is this: depending on the thickness, material and the way you layer you bomber jacket – you really can wear it all year round!

Padded bomber jackets with a thick duck feather stuffing are perfect for even the coldest winter days. While lightweight, thin bombers made from materials like cotton and canvas are perfect for layering in the summer.

Looking for an in-between? Then maybe a leather bomber jacket is for you.

What Are The Different Men’s Bomber Jacket Designs?

Let’s cut to the chase – men’s bomber jackets have seriously stepped up their game in recent years. More men are wearing them which means different styles and designs are being developed.

When you thinking ‘bomber jacket', you might have an image of a jacket with a sleek, slightly shining material and single front zipper. But what most don’t know is that men’s bomber jackets come in so many more shapes, styles and fabrics.

Leather Men's Bomber Jacket

Leather bomber jacket

The leather men's bomber jacket is what a lot of men consider to be the perfect balance between style, warmth and fit. It’s ideal for creating a timeless look with that ‘bad boy' edge that so many women love in a man.

Canvas Men's Bomber Jacket

Men’s bomber jacket

A canvas men's bomber jacket is perfect for adding some texture to your everyday wardrobe without adding too much warmth to your overall outfit. Unlike leather, canvas is a softer material, so it’s much more comfortable to wear. It has a more relaxed vibe that looks great with jeans and a t-shirt for an effortless casual look.

Suede Men's Bomber Jacket

man wearing suede bomber jacket

The suede men's bomber jacket is the perfect choice if you want something that can easily transition from day to night. Many men consider this material choice to be the most versatile when it comes to formality.

Seude can be dressed down with jeans and sneakers, and dressed up with a shirt and chinos. Can you wear this men's bomber jacket style instead of a suit? Probably not. However, when smart-casual is on the cards, there's no better option.

Cotton Men's Bomber Jackets

Man wearing jacket and hoodie

For those long summer days, many men opt for a light cotton bomber jacket. For most, the summertime means one thing: heat! Cotton is the perfect material for keeping cool while still looking stylish.

The lightweight cotton men's bomber jacket is often unlined, which makes it ideal for the summer months when you want to stay comfortable and look great.

Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas

When it comes to men’s fashion, the bomber jacket is a classic staple for any wardrobe. This timeless piece can be adapted to fit any style preference and occasion. Whether you’re feeling bold or conservative, there is an outfit idea that can be achieved with this iconic item.

Suede Bomber Jacket With Jeans

Jeans and bomber jacket

The most basic (but arguable the most stylish) way to wear a bomber jacket is with a simple pair of blue jeans, white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. This look oozes effortless cool and the suede bomber jacket gives it a subtle touch of luxury.

This outfit is for guys who want to remain casual, but also demonstrate they're aware of the clothes they wear and make intentional choices when getting dressed in the morning.

Leather Bomber Jacket With Chinos

Leather bomber

This outfit is for the man that needs to look sharp but still wants to retain an element of edginess. The leather bomber provides a subtle hint of attitude and pairs perfectly with dark green chinos, white shirt and brown loafers.

The combination works perfectly because it’s easy on the eye and not overly flashy. This look is perfect for wearing to the office, date night or a semi-formal evening event.

Canvas Bomber Jacket With Sweatpants

The canvas bomber jacket is an ideal piece of clothing for when you want to stay comfortable but still look stylish. For a more relaxed approach, team it with a pair of sweatpants, white t-shirt and black sneakers.

This look is perfect for weekend lounging or running errands, as it’s both stylish and extremely comfortable. The beauty of this outfit is that you can throw on a pair of sunglasses and be ready for anything!

Corduroy Bomber Jacket With Plain Suit Pants

Bomber and chinos

For those wanting to turn up the style dial, team a corduroy men’s bomber jacket with plain suit pants and a crisp white shirt. Finish off this look with black dress shoes and you have a classic yet modern outfit that is perfect for any formal occasion.

This ensemble will ensure you stand out from the crowd without going too over the top. The corduroy bomber jacket provides a subtle hint of texture that looks fantastic when paired with plain trousers and a classic shirt.

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