Michelle Branch Was Shamed For Public Breastfeeding–by Another Mom

Singer Michelle Branch has things to say about what happened on the playground recently. In a Tweet, she reported to the universe that she “just got shamed by another mother (who was holding her own young infant!) for nursing my 6 week old baby…” And we thought only kids learned things on the playground. Turns out, Branch made sure the world learned a thing or two from her experience, too.

“Being a mom is hard enough. Can we not judge one another for how we feed our babies?” the singer wrote. Plus, “she said I wasn’t ‘being modest'”—so, what? Are nursing moms expected to hide in public restrooms, crouched over a filthy toilet to keep from embarrassing the morality police when their babies get hungry? Besides, what exactly does modesty mean to a woman who’s just given birth?

In a follow-up tweet, Branch clarified that she “had a nursing tank top on and was seated away from others” while breastfeeding her daughter. Girl, we don’t care if you were wearing a dental floss thong and nipple tassels. You have a hungry baby, you feed it. “It’s not like I walked into the crowd and whipped my tits out. Being a mom is hard enough. Can we not judge one another for how we feed our babies?😤🤯,” she concluded, and we concur.


Only last month, the “Everywhere” singer posted “Welcome to the world, sweet Willie girl ❤ … She’s named after Patrick’s grandmother Willie Madge and has my mother’s maiden name/my middle name. We’re so in love 🥰.” In the photo, baby Willie is wrapped in the same blanket the couple’s son Rhys was cradled in when he was born. 

No stranger to posting about motherhood, in December of 2019 she wrote “December decided to really finish us off with a bang! No, literally. A bomb went off in downtown Nashville yesterday,” she continued. “And to further twist a dagger in my heart, I experienced my first miscarriage (ugh! Mother—!).” 

Branch has also shared images of herself nursing before (one that maybe the Karen on the playground should have checked out before mouthing off), writing “Women make the world go ‘round. We need to support each other and lift one another up. It’s not a competition. It seems counterintuitive to post a picture of myself instead of the powerful women in my circle but alas…here’s me at my most feminine and vulnerable. I’d be nothing with the incredible women in my life. Sending big light and love.”


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