My Closet Before & After

I know you guys have seen tons of photos of my closet on social media.

After all, it’s where I take almost all of my mirror selfies and videos. But so many of you have requested to see a “before” shot as well. We worked closely with Martha Mulholland and Chad Peterson from Custom Closet by td[s] to build a custom closet that would compliment the original architecture of our home.

As you can see in the below, the “before” of my closet was just a blank space. We believe that this room was once a screened in porch and eventually the previous owners closed it in. The stained glass window was designed by the oldest stained-glass window maker in the United States, the Judson family. We wanted to work carefully to protect this beautiful piece of art, however I knew that in order to build a closet we would build over it.

On the front side of the stained-glass window, behind my closet, is the stair case. After many hours of pondering how to construct a closet with closing off natural light to our staircase, an idea finally popped into my head. We installed LED lights behind the closet wall so that we would still have, what seemed like natural light, brighten the stairs. The detachable walls behind my hanging clothes can be removed in the event that a light goes out and there is a little light switch outside of our master bedroom door that turns it on and off.

I thought this was brilliant!



A lot of people are surprised to see that my closet isn’t monster huge. As I have shifted my career to being less of a “fashion blogger” and more of an entrepreneur over the past year, I wanted to really edit the amount of product I had in my closet. I’ve also gotten very creative with storage in my guest room closet and the additional bonus room off of our master bathroom.

Leather pulls: Etsy // Rug: Vintage // Chair: Vintage Arthur Umanoff upholstered in De Le Cuona Shepard’s Cloth – Tarn// Luggage: Vintage Louis Vuitton + Streamliner luggage from The Line // Wall color: Benjamin Moore White Dove // Dress: Forte Forte // Bag: Dior