My Favorite Current Clogs – A Review ( + Are Clogs My New Mule?)

It’s a clog blog. It’s part “my favorite clogs out right now”, part review, part “is the clog the new mule?” conversation that we really need to be having. I will always love a mule (the sheer ease of the quick slide) but I also feel like I’ve been mule-ing for years now and perhaps ready for a different everyday shape. These posts are actually a very dangerous game to play and I have to be so careful. I ended up loving almost ALL of them and tried to convince myself that they had different functions, for different occasions, different leeeewks. Now the reason I wanted to do this review is that clogs can be really heavy and cumbersome and not all are easy to wear. However, they are classic (even though they also can take a while to break in). So I decided to go on a mission to find ones that were actually comfortable and fun. So, here are my favorites clogs of 2020:

Amber Orchard Clog

Shirt | Shoes

A nude clog? Yes please. These are so cute, make your feet look really small if you are into that because the shape of the toe is bulbous (in a cute way). These also look really great with dresses or shorts because they elongate the leg without looking like fancy heels. I guess that’s why I love a clog, they add height while still coming across as casual.

Belem’s Clogs

Jumpsuit (similar) | Beret | Shoes

Now, I thought these clogs were going to be a SLAM DUNK of a “YES” but I think that since they are so white and so big, they were harder to style. They are just a lot of shoe, but I really like them because they remind me of Salt Water Sandals + clogs combined. They are comfortable, but I think you need to factor in your wardrobe before you purchase these ladies.

Vegan Belem’s Clogs

Jacket | Pants | Shoes

Somehow the snakeskin version of the exact same shoe is easier to wear. You could dress it up, obviously, but there is a casual neutrality about them that also looks cute with the utility jacket and jeans.

Dakota Clog

Shirt | Jeans | Shoes

My clog obsession began with these that I bought last year and wear ALL THE TIME. They are by my favorite shoe designer, Rachel Comey so you’ve been warned. But they are pretty fantastic and again I wear them all the time. They are super comfortable, give a lot of height but are so easy to walk in. That leather tone is beautiful. The jeans are by Moussey and I’ve been wearing them for 2 years and the shirt is from Target (but we all think it’s a great Doen lookalike, but FAR less expensive).

Now, why not take a quick intermission and actually WATCH me try on these bad boys and hear my real voice saying my real thoughts?? Here you go:

Okay, back to business…

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Wash Platform Clogs

Shirt | Jeans | Shoes

These are called “clogs” because technically they have a wood heel, but these guys are so comfortable and certainly are more mule-y in their simplicity. I thought I didn’t need these (still deciding) until I realized that these are the sneaker version of the clog – I would wear these all weekend… I will say that you should size down. I ordered a 7, but they came as a 37.5 so I’d return for a smaller size (If I decide I need them bad enough). Also how cute is that Target shirt (that also comes in mustard and lavender, too)??

The little white rubber sole makes them really soft and easy to wear (and gives them a bit of an edge).

Swedish Hasbeens Louise Platform Clogs

Shirt | Pants | Shoes

The first real clog, Hasbeens, are super classic and these new ones have a great modern shape. I like them and you can’t go wrong, but they are pretty expensive and I wear brown leather so much more.

The little staples and black rubber sole are the details that do feel special. Madewell has a version of these but they are a bit wider (but far more affordable). I think these are pretty slimming, so if you are like me and have wide feet, these look more narrow.

Willow Clog

Dress (similar)| Purse | Hat | Shoes

These shoes were Veronica and Mallory’s favorite. They have this great square toe, mixed tones of black, brown and gold and are just elegant and flattering.

The little ankle strap cuts your leg, but it’s so delicate that it doesn’t stop the eye too much.

Amber Orchard Clog

Shirt | Pants | Shoes

These clogs were my initial inspiration for the post, and they don’t disappoint. They are a great color, pretty finish of leather, cute straps, pretty comfortable for how tall they are and they can get tightened to really pipe in well into pants. (By the way both the shirt and pants are from Target and those Target pants are GREAT and strangely slimming).

That’s the beginning and the end of my first clog blog. It’s too bad more articles of clothing don’t rhyme with blog.

Now I want to know which one is your favorite? Do you love these clunky, chunky guys as much as we do? Meet me in the comments and let’s discuss.

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