My Lily and Bean Mini Hettie Bag Review

 Since this is the most popular thing in my DM’s right now, it only feels right to put together a detailed review. The Lily and Bean Mini Hettie Bag has been one of my favorite bags (it also made my top 2022 purchases). The quality is 10/10 and the size is just right for your essentials. It looks good with casual looks or opt to wear without the strap for something more formal. It’s truly a staple in your wardrobe.

Here’s how to order: 

Size: Mini // 19cm width It’s small, but fits the essentials. I can get my keys, iPhone Pro (I do not think it would fit a Pro Max), lipsticks, perfume sample, card holder.

Straps: it comes with both the cloth and leather strap (the one seen in these photos). You do not need to order an extra strap.

No Initials: It will ask you for personalization when you go to checkout, do not personalize. Unless of course you really want to, but if you want it to look like mine, opt for no initials.

Quality: I’ve purchased several bags from Lily and Bean and have been impressed with the quality. Just keep in mind shipping takes a minute. I want to say mine took about 4 weeks to arrive.

Editor’s note: I’ve had several of you purchase this bag and have received several notes saying customer service has been top notch. One person said her buckle broke after a year and they replaced the entire bag it for free with no hassle.


Look One: Green Blazer | Look Two: Black Dress (this dress is honestly amazing. TTS and so flattering) | Look Three: Tan Cardigan | Look Four: Black Cardigan