My Top 10 Most Loved Products in April

I know it’s technically May, but I thought it would be fun to do a quick round up of products that I loved {really loved} during the month of April.

1. My White AMO Denim

I can’t wear these new jeans by AMO enough. I feel like they’re all I’ve been putting on day after day. I’m wearing a size 26 and these fit very true to size.

2. Polo Baseball Cap

Maybe it’s because I’m in desperate need of highlights, but I’ve really loved reaching for a sporty accessory the past month and my navy Polo cap is just what the hair doctor ordered. It’s preppy and adds a little bit of fun to any outfit. I’m honestly thinking of ordering yellow and pink too!

3. New Dyson

I haven’t talked a lot about the newest addition to our home and it’s the incredible Dyson vacuum cleaner. I seriously have so so many friends that also made this purchase recently and we cannot stop talking about it. I LOVE THIS DYSON. It’s light, it’s easy to use and it gets the job done quickly. Absolutely, positively, one of the best purchases I have made in quite some time.

4. The Always Pan

Don’t even get me started with the Always Pan. It’s ALL I USE. I cook eggs, pasta, steam vegetables, fry bacon… I literally use it and clean it and put it right back on the stove again. Grant keeps joking and asking why we even have other pots and pans because this is the only kitchen tool I’m using at the moment.

5. Favorite Wine Glasses

I scored these wine glasses from {now closed} The Line store in Los Angeles a few years ago and they remain a favorite to this day. I know they are pricey but they feel so luxurious and I love that they are dishwasher safe. I also invested in the carafe because I love the style so much. I get so many messages about these glasses so I definitely wanted to include them here.

6. Best of Beauty

I often share what my favorite beauty products are but there is one stand out product that I have been using and loving for the past several month’s and that’s the La Prairie Cellular Refining Lotion. I simply cannot get enough and I love the way it smells.

7. New Sunglasses

Mama’s got a new pair of favorite sunglasses and they only cost $11! I should probably go ahead and order 3 pair because you know I’m going to lose them (being my new favorite!).

8. Just Do It

I don’t know what it is about the simple Nike socks. I wear them every night and they just make me feel better. Maybe it’s because I wore them in high school {ha, makes me feel young agin}.

9. Coziest Tunic Pullover

I have so many people who purchased this amazing pullover after I wore it on IG stories and everyone agrees – it’s the best. I love that it’s just long enough to wear with leggings and not too warm to wear in Los Angeles right now (it’s hot here!).

10. White Cotton Dress

I first saw this Xirena dress on my girl Dallas Wardrobe and I knew I had to have it. It’s light weight and a perfect “house dress” (as I like to call them) to wear on these warmer spring days we’re getting in Los Angeles. I even wear it to bed some nights with my tunic pulled over.

What products have you guys been using and loving a bit extra lately? Leave a comment below and share!