Nostalgia For the Last Time We Lived in France

As weather has turned cold, Ive suddenly been dealing with waves of nostalgia from the last time we lived here. Quite a few of those memories are intertwined with Olive Us videos and Ive found myself re-watching them. Here are two that we made for the holidays.

Christmas Tree Hunt which was filmed very nearby in a Normandy forest. Fun fact: I was always in charge of wardrobe for the videos and this was one of my favorites wardrobe-wise. (I shared wardrobe details here.)

Snoball Cookies (spelled without the w) which features a recipe of the type of snoball cookies I grew up with theyre basically a smaller version of wedding cookies that we would only eat at Christmas. Well be making them this year on Christmas Eve.

Its funny, because sometimes I see certain activities or outings we have here in France through an Olive Us lens. Like, when we went mushroom hunting, I couldnt help but imagine what an Olive Us mushroom-hunting episode would be like. Even when Im peeling wallpaper, I can picture it as an Olive Us episode. : ) Our life is in a different place now, and the kids are older, and I think our Olive Us days are over. But goodness we treasure the videos we made!

What are you feeling nostalgia for these days? Something holiday-ish?

P.S. All the Olive Us videos.

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