Our Favorite Men’s T-Shirt Brand Is 25% Off Right Now – Don’t Miss Out

Here at Spy, we take men’s t-shirts really seriously. We’ve got shopping guides for everyday tees, long-sleeve tees, henleys and even overpriced designer t-shirts. We’ve tested t-shirts from J.Crew, Uniqlo, H&M, Buck Mason, Goodthreads, Everlane and tons of other brands. And in all that time, one little-known brand has consistently outperformed the competition — Cuts Clothing.

When we review t-shirts, we look at a number of factors: fabric, comfort, overall style and fit, color options, longevity and price. In every single category but one, Cuts Clothing T-shirts win out. While your cheap shirts from J.Crew and H&M all have a place in your wardrobe, they’ll start to wear out after a few trips through the washing machine, while Cuts shirts last for years without wear and tear. The fabric is buttery soft and the shirts come in a range of stylish colors.

There’s just one problem — they’re a little more expensive than we’d like. These shirts are priced at $48 for a crew neck, and we know that’ more than the average guy is willing to pay. We 100% believe they’re worth the price because they’ll last for years, but we understand if a $48 tee isn’t in your budget. And that’s why the Cuts Clothing Anniversary Sale is such a big deal.

Right now, you can save 25% site-wide at Cuts Clothing, letting you stock up on the best men’s t-shirts we’ve ever tried. The 25% discount brings the price on a Crew-Neck Tee down to just $36, and this editor is adding three shirts to his cart right now. Popular Cuts Clothing colors do tend to sell out, and the brand’s award-winning polo shirts are also in short supply. The sale ends in three days, so stock up before your favorite styles sell out.

A quick note on sizing: If you’re in between sizes or unsure, we recommend ordering a size up with Cuts Clothing t-shirts, which have a slimmer fit.

Cuts Clothing Crew Curve-Hem T-Shirts

cuts clothing blue t-shirt Buy: Cuts Clothing Curve-Hem Crew T-Shirts $36.00

Cuts Clothing Henley Shirts

SAVE $15
white henley shirt from cuts clothing Buy: Cuts Clothing Henley Shirt $43.00

Cuts Clothing Hoodie Classic

SAVE $30
cuts clothing hoodie classic Buy: Cuts Clothing Hoodie Classic $88.00

Cuts Clothing Long-Sleeve Henley Shirts

cuts clothing long-sleeve henley t-shirts

Buy: Cuts Clothing Long-Sleeve Henley $51.00


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