Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe with the Comfortable King of Cold Weather — The Hoodie

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, every magical, fun-filled, sun-soaked summer eventually reaches its end. And folks —  we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news here — but fall technically starts in about a month, so it’s time to start refreshing your closet accordingly.

Given the spike in temperature, summer styles are simple — a great t-shirt, pair of pants and kicks are pretty much all you need for a killer outfit, particularly if you’re still trying to nail that work-from-home swagger. But with that simplicity comes limitations. One of the most exciting things about fall and winter is the many layers and style combinations at your disposal. And no autumn wardrobe is complete without the king of cozy and the leader in layering — the hoodie

Wear it on its own for a singular fashion statement. Treat it as a base layer beneath your best coat or denim jacket. Leave one in the car for emergencies. Pair it with matching sweatpants for the perfect monochromatic coffee run ‘fit. The possibilities are endless, friends.

Aside from all those style permutations lies the simple fact that hoodies are cozy as hell. Some, it seems, more than others. The most comfortable hoodies depend completely on the fabrics used. We’ll break down the softest materials to look for and round up our favorites of the most comfortable hoodies out there. You’re one step closer to your coziest fall yet.


The Best Fabrics for Soft Hoodies

Comfort can be subjective, but when it comes to clothing — particularly hoodies — there are a few fabrics that reign supreme in the comfort department:

  • Cotton: It’s a boring reveal here, but it’s true — high-quality cotton is both durable and incredibly comfortable. Not all cotton is created equal, though. Look for “premium” cotton like Pima, which has longer fibers for a softer feel, or combed cotton, which is treated to remove shorter fibers prone to fraying.
  • Fleece: Typically constructed from polyester then brushed to create that thick, blanket feel, fleece probably already lines the inside of some of your trusted hoodies. We recommend looking for fleece made from recycled polyester — like Eco-Fleece — as it’s much friendlier to mother nature.
  • French Terry: A favorite material for comfortable hoodie makers, French terry has fabric loops on one side and piles of yarn on the other, creating that oh-so-soft texture that’s a fixture in the hoodie game.
  • Cashmere: On the pricier side, cashmere wool is made from the coats of goats in the Himalayas. And unlike the scratchier wools, cashmere is as soft as they come. It’s a notoriously high-end material though, so consider it a major flex to own a cashmere hoodie.
  • Spandex/Lycra/Elastane: Comfort doesn’t only mean softness. Having a hoodie that moves with you can make a world of a difference. Some hoodies contain a hint of stretchy material for that extra bit of movement. All it takes is 5% or so. You don’t want a hoodie that leans too far into the sportswear game. Those might be good for an outdoor run but won’t provide that all-day comfort a hoodie should.

1. Feat Clothing BlanketBlend Hoodie


With a name like BlanketBlend, you can bet this hoodie brings that plush lounging comfort. Feat Clothing uses its own proprietary fabric blend, with premium combed cotton for a super soft inside, and a pulled polyester finished with yarn for a fuzzy exterior. Feat Clothing also enlists its signature ButterWash process to finish off the hoodie for that extra bit of softness. And while there’s nothing wrong with a plain, one-color sweatshirt, the BlankBlend Hoodie comes in a variety of dope pastels and tie-dyes.

feat clothing blanketblend hoodie Buy: Feat Clothing BlanketBlend Hoodie $128.00

2. Gap Fleece Hoodie


Gap’s well known for its affordable, well-made basics, and its Fleece Hoodie is no exception. With a variety of bold, matte colors, the Gap Fleece Hoodie is made of a cotton/polyester blend that features 9% recycled polyester. It’s going for just over $43 right now, but keep an eye out for promos on Gap’s website, as it’s not uncommon to spot some big-time discount codes from this big-name brand.

gap fleece hoodie Buy: Gap Fleece Hoodie $43.00

3. Nike Sportswear Club Fleece


You really can’t go wrong with anything from Nike. That includes its iconic sportswear hoodie, which features a brushed back fleece interior and an awesome selection of colors, from clean whites and greys to neon oranges and pinks. Like most Nike threads, the hoodie features a minimalist logo on the chest, just big enough for a true brand-name fashion flex. The reviews — which are overwhelmingly positive — note this hoodie’s comfort and true-to-size fit. Start stocking your closet now, though, as popular colors tend to run out of stock once the weather dips.

Nike sportswear club fleece Buy: Nike Sportswear Club Fleece $55.00

4. Todd Snyder Cashmere Hoodie


Sure, hoodies are often associated with that “slacker-chic” style. But with the right materials, you can turn a simple hoodie into a luxury wardrobe staple. And is there any material more luxurious (and comfortable) than cashmere? Like silk pajamas, this is the kind of item that you sport because you can, a comfortable hoodie that screams sophistication and, frankly, wealth. Yeah, this’ll run you more than $300, but Todd Snyder does pretty much everything well, so you know it’s a worthwhile investment. You can wear it around the house for an upgraded casual look, but given the quality of the material, you could easily sport it with a great pair of denim and white sneakers for a night on the town.

todd snyder cashmere Buy: Todd Snyder Cashmere Hoodie $348.00

5. Madewell Hemp-Cotton Hoodie


Hemp is known for its breathability and durability, thanks to its super-strong fibers. As a result, it’s more resistant to washes, mold, and other factors that limit the life of your favorite clothes. Better yet, hemp is also a natural, non-toxic fiber that’s much kinder on the environment. It actually gets softer with every wash, too, which is why this hoodie from Madewell is so appealing. It blends the durability and sustainability of hemp with the comfort of organic cotton. What could be better?

madewell hemp cotton hoodie Buy: Madewell Hemp-Cotton Hoodie $74.99

6. Champion Eco Double Dry Fleece Hoodie


Champion is one of those brands that’s likely found its way into your closet — and stayed there — at some point in the last 20 years. And for good reason. Champion’s been cranking out insanely affordable athletic-inspired basics for what feels like forever. This particular comfortable hoodie has a little bit of everything — fleece with polyester recycled from plastic bottles, moisture-wicking technology, more than 15 great colors and a $21 price tag. This is the type of hoodie you snag a few of.

champion eco fleece Buy: Champion Eco Double Dry Fleece Hoodie $21.00

7. Flint & Tinder 10-Year Hoodie


There’s a growing appetite — and willingness to pay more — for products made in America. Flint & Tinder prides itself on that domestic manufacturing. With its 23 oz fleece from South Carolina, zippers from Georgia, twill tape from Philadelphia and final production in Los Angeles, its 10-Year Hoodie is a pretty cool amalgamation of Americana. That 10-Year name applies to its warranty too. If your comfortable hoodie rips or tears within a decade, Flint & Tinder with repair it for you.


8. Cozy Earth Ultra-Soft Bamboo Hoodie


Like hemp, bamboo is another cotton alternative that lasts longer and packs an eco-friendly punch, thanks to bamboo’s renewable and chemical-free process. This hoodie comes from a brand called Cozy Earth, whose bamboo products Oprah Winfrey called the softest ever. This hoodie is no different. It’s super breathable and moisture-wicking, making it an excellent year-round choice.

Cozy Earth bamboo hoodie Buy: Cozy Earth Ultra-Soft Bamboo Hoodie $116.00

9. Bonobos Cotton Cashmere Hoodie


We understand if you’re unwilling or unable to justify spending more than $300 on a hoodie. Thankfully, Bonobos has a more affordable cashmere-blend hoodie to get you started on that luxury hoodie journey. Granted, this hoodie is only 5% cashmere, but that easily makes a difference when it comes to softness. It only comes in black, which in our opinion is easily the most badass option for any cashmere wardrobe staple.

Bonobos cotton cashmere hoodie Buy: Bonobos Cotton Cashmere Hoodie $118.00

10. Nike Tie-Dye French Terry Hoodie


Make no mistake, tie-dye is very much in vogue right now, and not going anywhere anytime soon. Nike’s second installment on this list is its French terry hoodie, available in five different tie-dye colors. This takes a more subtle approach to tie-dye though, with a more muted pattern that eschews the stoner and summer camp vibes of most tie-dye prints. Unlike most Nike upper body apparel, this hoodie also adds a new twist on the logo placement, with the Nike Sportswear threaded lower on the torso and an exterior tag behind the neck.

nike tie dye french terry Buy: Nike Tie-Dye French Terry Hoodie $80.00

11. Richer Poorer Recycled Fleece Pullover Hoodie


Many brands are thankfully embracing the desire and need for products that keep this junk-filled sauna called Earth in mind. Richer Poorer’s mid-weight comfortable hoodie is 60% cotton and 40% recycled polyester, which the brand claims saves about 40 plastic bottles from landfills. Consider it reparations for all those Crystal Geyser bottles you chucked in the trash as a kid. This hoodie is available in four different colors right now, which (shocker!) includes a couple of tie-dye variations.

richer poorer hoodie Buy: Richer Poorer Recycled Fleece Hoodie $82.00

12. Everlane French Terry Uniform Hoodie


Everlane’s Uniform collection is about as reliable as they come. The brand is so confident in the quality of its products that Uniform includes a 365-day guarantee. That’s right. They’ll replace any piece that gets a hole or loses its shape or color within a year. That idea of a uniform — an everyday outfit staple — is on full display with its basic color offerings: just black, navy and grey. We believe the grey hoodie is a menswear essential, an item that’s so versatile and dependable, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not owning one.

everlane french terry Buy: Everlane French Terry Uniform Hoodie $68.00

13. Brooklinen Clifton Hoodie


A company known for bedding is making a comfortable hoodie? You can bet it’s soft as hell. You’ve probably heard of Brooklinen via podcast ads or sponsored Instagram posts. Though their sheets and pillowcases have an inconsistent track record, Brooklinen seems to have hit its stride with its loungewear and apparel. The Clifton Hoodie features a cotton and modal blend, the latter of which is a semi-synthetic fiber that absorbs moisture incredibly well. This makes it a particularly good pajama hoodie for colder nights, as you won’t wake up drenched in sweat if the heater cranks up. The blend also includes 6% spandex for added flexibility, another great feature if you move around in your sleep.

Brooklinen clifton hoodie Buy: Brooklinen Clifton Hoodie $81.00

14. Russell Athletic Premium Fleece Hoodie


Russell crewnecks are all the rage on the vintage market right now, but its new hoodies are just as reliable and classic. This cotton/polyester hoodie sports a relatively lightweight 8.5 oz fleece interior, with ring spun yarn for extra softness. It also features an anti-pill fabrication to maintain that smooth texture. Like the Champion hoodie, this is another affordable closet staple that’s equally viable on the track and on the couch for cozy days.

russell athletic hoodie Buy: Russell Athletic Premium Fleece Hoodie $30.00

15. American Giant Classic Pullover


Calling something “the greatest pullover hoodie ever made” might be hyperbole, but American Giant really does make incredible sweatshirts. Made in North and South Carolina, the Classic Pullover sports a heavyweight fleece and 100% combed ringspun cotton, a combination that’ll be both soft and super warm. There’s great attention to detail here too, with cool embellishments like reinforced elbow patches and custom drawcord tips. Even if it’s not the greatest and most comfortable hoodie in existence, it’ll quickly become the best in your closet.

american giant hoodie Buy: American Giant Classic Pullover $114.00