Saturday, January 21, 2023, Rich Norris

Saturday Themeless by Rich Norris 

Our former editor, Rich Norris, returns under his real name and not any of the clever aliases he has used in the past:

I followed my usual pattern of toe holds on my way to conquer his crossword wall. It all felt very comfortable and doable. 


1. Hairpin: SHARP TURN.

10. Antiquated: MOLDY - In blue cheese the penicillium mold is okay to eat

15. Flier to Sharjah: AIR ARABIA - If you flew AIR ARABIA from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates to Doha, Qatar for the World Cup, it's about a little over an hour flight.

16. Can't get enough of: ADORE.

17. Putter, in golf lingo: FLAT STICK - It's easy to find in the set below

18. Area bordering the Colorado Desert, for short: SO CAL - SOuthern CALifornia 

19. Sign in many a tree-lined nabe: ELM ST.

20. Ruby of "A Raisin in the Sun": DEE - We all know the name of the man in this scene with her

21. Fishing boat net: TRAWL - Emptying a TRAWL net

22. Team's pronoun: OUR.

24. Fixates (on): DWELLS - I heard you the fourth time!

26. Winter wardrobe component: FLANNELS - Shirts, pj's, etc.

31. Straight up: ERECT.

32. Bled: RAN - Oh, so that's why you separate the whites and colors

33. White Cloud Temple worshipper: TAOIST - White Cloud Temple in Beijing 

35. Hardly pleased: SORE.

37. Best Picture winner based on the memoir "The Master of Disguise": ARGO - A great movie I saw on Netflix. 

39. High-def screen: LCD TV.

40. Old-style challenge: SLAP.

41. Chinese border river: YALU - Chinese troops flocked over the border when U.S. troops got near the YALU.

42. Blackmail tactic: THREAT - Send those sexts at your own risk

44. Need to satisfy: OWE.

45. __ voce: SOTTO - Not me, I had to close the door when I taught.

47. Prep for future coll. students: AP COURSE - Some students now graduate high school with many college credits

49. Bit of forecast shorthand: T-STORM.

51. Patronizing term of address, perhaps: SON.

52. Bygone rulers: SHAHS - If you had _ _ A _ S you might have chosen a different bygone ruler

53. Orange tuber: YAM.

56. Dock: TIE UP.

60. Spells: HEXES.

61. "Don't blame yourself": THAT'S ON ME.

63. Subject of una serenata: AMORE.

64. Memorable drive?: HOLE IN ONE - This was my first one - 110 yds with a nice easy 9-iron

65. Parental units?: GENES.

66. Training in the mountains, say: SKI LESSON.


1. Call at home, maybe: SAFE - If you argue too much you might get 
46. Discards: TOSSES- Tossed out of the game

2. Rise: HILL.

3. Saroyan's "My Name Is __": ARAM - A first edition you can get for $550

4. Sells out: RATS ON - In this movie, the late Ray Lotta (far left) played Henry Hill who RATS ON the mob in real life.

5. Carlsberg's "Probably not the best beer in the world" campaign, for one: PR STUNT - Like...

6. Half an even exchange: TAT - We all know the other part

7. Former auction website: U-BID.

8. Hall of Famer who holds the record for most career touchdown receptions: RICE - Jerry Rice caught 67 TD passes from Joe Montana and 92 more from Steve Young.

9. Undisguised: NAKED.

10. Perfect: MASTER - To MASTER a skill you would need to perfect your technique

11. Like helium: ODORLESS colorless, ODORLESS, tasteless, non-toxic and inert `

12. Regional attribute: LOCAL COLOR - Lucy wanted to soak up LOCAL COLOR in this famous episode and did so in more ways than one

13. Determine an unlucky winner?: DRAW STRAWS - 😀

14. Cry: YELL.

23. Person with lots to offer: REALTOR - Around us, REALTORS want lots for lots

25. Solutions for spills: WET VACS.

26. Fight: FRAY.

27. Movie music that inspired the Connie Francis hit "Somewhere, My Love": LARA'S THEME - Here's the song with lyrics and lovely scenes from Dr. Zhivago 

28. Old English: ANGLO SAXON.

29. Highlands water: LOCH - LOCH Ness has the most water of all of them plus a mythical inhabitant.

30. "Seinfeld" woman who said, "They're real, and they're spectacular!": SIDRA - Played by Teri Hatcher

34. Instructions part: STEP - Could you go over that again? 😐

36. Foil cousin: EPEE.

38. Nonconformist: OUT THERE - Dennis Rodman is the poster child!

43. __ Roll: TOOTSIE.

48. Strike callers: UNIONS - In 1979, baseball's strike callers went, uh, on strike

50. Folklore: MYTHS - "We didn't really land on the Moon" 58. "Sorry, you're wrong": UM NO.

52. Messy do: SHAG - Laugh In's Sock It To Me girl, Judy Carne, popularized this haircut in the late 60's.

54. "Sure, I get it": AH OK.

55. Senegal neighbor: MALI - It's a 39-hour drive from Dakar, Senegal to Timbuktu, MALI

57. Mireille of "The Killing": ENOS - First time I've seen ENOS as a surname

59. Hammer part: PEEN - I'm guessing you all know which hammer has a claw and which one has a PEEN

62. Contacts list no.: TEL.




Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy 75th birthday to our sweet Madame DeFarge (Janice), who's always been so kind and caring to regulars on our blog. 
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2) Happy 15th birthday to our blog! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.