Skyward Sword HD: Make like The Grinch and expand Link’s heart

Skyward Sword HD: Make like The Grinch and expand Link’s heart

Gotta collect those hearts!

Link has a lot in common with The Grinch when you think about it. They're both covered in green, known to steal things from people's homes, wear pointy hats, and their hearts can grow incredibly large. To do that last thing in Skyward Sword HD you'll need to know where all of the Heart Pieces (and Life Medallions) are stashed. Some of them are pretty straightforward to find, while other sare a bit trickier.

There are 24 Heart Pieces overall, which can allow you to add six additional hearts to Link's health. There are also two Life Medallions that add a full heart each to Link's health when they're in his item pouch. Of course, you also pick up a Heart Container whenever you defeat any of the big Skyward Sword HD's bosses, which adds one whole heart each time. If you take the time to collect them all, Link can have up to 20 additional hearts total (when Life Medallions are in his pouch).

Without further ado, let's dive into all Heart Piece and Life Medallion locations in Skyward Sword HD and how to get them.

Skyward Sword HD Hearts Where to get all 24 Heart Pieces

Here's the location of every Heart Piece in Skyward Sword along with how to get it. I've numbered them for organizational purposes, but they aren't numbered in the game.

Heart Piece #1

Location: Faron Woods

How to get it: There's an area near the large tree in Faron Woods where Link can walk up a slope to get on a raised walkway. Walk up this ramp and then turn left when you get to the fork. Cross the tightrope to get to the ledge with the first Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #2

Location: Lumpy Pumpkin

How to get it: Fly to Pumpkin Landing, a floating island located in the northeastern part of the sky, and enter the Pumpkin-shaped building. You'll see the Heart Piece on the chandelier. Go up the stairs to the second story of the Lumpy Pumpkin then repeatedly roll into the railing to make the chandelier come crashing down.

The owner will get angry with you and will force you to pay for what you've broken, but that's good as this leads to a string of sidequests that earns you another Heart Piece down the road. Run to where the chandelier shattered and pick up the Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #3

Location: The Sky

How to get it: Do a Skyward Strike at the Goddess Cube near the Skyview Temple. Now, head to the Sky and check your map for a purple Goddess Chest icon. Fly to the island floating south of Skyloft to grab this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #4

Location: Skyview Temple

How to get it: Right after you've obtained the Beetle, run to the backside of the large statue in the center of the room and launch the Beetle skyward. There's an opening in the statue near the top. Fly into the diamond Switch to open the gate on the Heart Piece below.

Heart Piece #5

Location: Skyloft (Batreaux's house)

How to get it: Once you've acquired 10 Gratitude Crystals, talk to Batreaux and he'll give you a Heart Piece. This requires that you complete two Gratitude sidequests.

Heart Piece #6

Location: Eldin Volcano

How to get it: When you see a bridge made of a monster's spine floating in lava, cross over it and climb up the platforms on the right side. Follow the ledge and you'll come to a spot with two Pyrups, red slug-like creatures that hide in shells. Drop down on the ledge past them and head towards the dead trees in the center to find a Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #7

Location: Lanayru Desert

How to get it: Head to the northeast part of the map and you'll find a crack in the wall. Blow it up with a Bomb and then enter the cave. At the end of the tunnel, you'll find a Chest with a Clawshot target above it. Open the chest to get another Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #8

Location: The Sky (Beedle's Island)

How to get it: You must first activate a Goddess Cube in the Lanayru Desert. Head to the northeast area of the map near the temple of time. You'll see a Goddess Cube on a high platform. Send your Beetle to the crystals in the cave below it to activate the minecart. Push the minecart into the active area and jump in. Immediately charge up a Skyward Strike and let it loose at the Goddess Cube as you go by.

Now get back in the sky and fly to the Northwest area of the sky to get to Beedle's Island. You'll find the Goddess Chest with the Heart Piece inside on top of the raised bit of land.

Heart Piece #9

Location: The Sky (Fun Fun Island)

How to get it: You can only do this if you've returned Dodoh's Party Wheel from the desert. After you've fixed Scrapper and visited the Isle of Songs, talk to Dodoh on Fun Fun Island and he'll tell you he lost his party wheel. Next go to the Desert Entrance of Lanayru Province. Activate the crystal and climb up the vines that appear. Use the handholds to make your way left and then keep going. You'll find the wheel in front of you. Scrapper will take it into the sky and then you need to return to Dodoh on Fun Fun Island.

To get the Heart Piece, pay 20 Rupees to shoot yourself from Dodoh's cannon. This next part is tricky. Fall through all five rings on your way down while avoiding all of the "Dodoh Balls" and then land on the red and blue tile on the spinner at the bottom to get the Heart Piece. You might have to attempt this several times before you do it right, but you got this!

Heart Piece #10

Location: The Sky (Lumpy Pumpkin)

How to get it: Get to task #3 for paying back the Lumpy Pumpkin's owner and you'll be asked to play the Goddess Harp for Pumm's daughter. The trick here is to strum to the audience's movements. If you manage to play decently, Pumm will give you a Heart Piece. You might need to retry this a few times to do it successfully.

Heart Piece #11

Location: Faron Woods

How to get it: You'll need to have obtained the Bomb Bag in order to get this one. Head north of the "In The Woods" save spot and you'll eventually see a cave that's filled with rocks. Drop a Bomb to clear the debris and pick up your Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #12

Location: Skyloft

How to get it: Get to the northeast area in the Eldin Volcano where there's a large sand slide. Slide down and use gusts of air to get on the middle platform. Jump down to the platform below it with the Goddess Cube. Do a Skyward Strike to activate the Goddess Cube.

Now, head to Skyloft when you have acquired the Water Dragon Scale and dive into the river. By swimming into the underwater tunnel on the east side you'll eventually get to an area with a Goddess Chest. Open it to get this Heart Piece. The other chest holds a Silver Rupee.

Heart Piece #13

Location: The Sky (Volcano-shaped island)

How to get it: Head to the "Viewing Platform" save spot in the Faron Woods (near the Great Tree). Drop down over the ledge and head to the left of the Great Tree and you'll see a Clawshot target. Clawshot your way up there and then do a Skyward Strike on the Goddess Cube behind you.

Now head back to the sky and fly to the volcano-shaped island. It's located east of the Lanayru beacon of light. Fall through the opening and land on the ledge inside the volcano. Open the chest to get your Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #14

Location: Skyloft (Zelda's Room in the Knight Academy)

How to get it: Use the ledges and vines to climb on top of the Knight Academy and then use the Double Clawshots to shoot the target on the chimney. Going into the hole will lead you to Zelda's room with a Heart Piece waiting inside her wardrobe.

Heart Piece #15

Location: Sandship

How to get it: Get on top of the Sandship and zipline to the middle mast. Now fall down to the raised deck below. You'll see a pole with a target on it over the railing. Clawshot it and then turn around and point down to Clawshot another target. You'll find a Chest with a Heart Piece on it when you reach the bottom.

Heart Piece #16

Location: Skyloft (Floating islands)

How to get it: After you've completed the Pirate Stronghold area in the Lanayru Desert, come outside the mouth of the stronghold and Clawshot the targets until you get to the highest platform. Now send a Skyward Strike at the Goddess Cube.

Head back to Skyloft and head just outside of the Waterfall Cave. From here you'll see a floating island with some vines on it. Clawshot these vines to get on the island and head to the Goddess Chest on the other side. You guessed it, there's a Heart Piece inside.

Heart Piece #17

Location: Skyloft (Knight Academy)

How to get it: You'll need to get the Bow first. Find Fledge in his room at night and give him two Stamina Potions. Once you get the Bow he'll move outside. Talk to him and he'll ask you to help him with his training. You'll need to shoot the pumpkins he tosses and earn more than 600 points in one round to get the Heart Piece. Your points significantly go up when you hit multiple pumpkins in a row. I find it's easiest to stay in one spot and then shoot as the pumpkins are about to fall in line. You'll also get double points if a pumpkin is sparkly.

Be patient with yourself, this can be a tricky task to complete. Once you've earned more than 600 points, Fledge will give you the Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #18

Location: Fire Sanctuary

How to get it: Once you've gotten the Mogma Mitts head to the northwest side of the temple and dig into a hole. You'll need to chase a Mogma down to earn this Heart Piece. Try to hide around a corner and then pop out to tag him when he gets close. This is actually a necessary part of the game, so you'll definitely be able to get this one.

Heart Piece #19

Location: Volcano Summit

How to get it: With the Mogma Mitts in tow, make your way along the pathway leading up to the Volcano Summit until you see a Gossip Stone and a digging spot in front of it. Dig down and crawl to the spotlight on the left. When you crawl out of the hole, you'll find a Heart Piece surrounded by fairies in a cave.

Heart Piece #20

Location: The Sky (Bug Island in the Thunderhead)

How to get it: Head to the Fire Sanctuary (specifically to the area where you came previously to get water for the frogs) and jump off the ledge. Fall down and go around the central pillar to find a hidden platform with a Goddess Cube. Do a Skyward Strike to activate the cube.

Now head back into the sky and go to Bug Island located in the Thunderhead. There's an island with a circular building on it. On one side, you'll see a wooden platform jutting out with a Goddess Chest on it. Open it to get this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #21

Location: Lanayru Desert Shipyard

How to get it: Return to the Sandship area after completing it the first time and you'll be able to play the Rickety Coaster minigame. If you can manage to successfully complete the Expert Course in under 65 seconds, you'll earn this Heart Piece. To go faster, lean into your turns and avoid running into dead ends.

Here are the turns to take with the four forks: Right, Right, Left, Right

Heart Piece #22

Location: Sealed Grounds

How to get it: Get to the area in front of the Sealed Temple near the "Behind the Temple" save spot. If you haven't done so already, play your Goddess Harp near the butterflies to make a Goddess Wall appear. This part will only work If Gorko the Goron is in the area and you've acquired the Bow. If those two conditions haven't been met yet, you'll have to come back later.

Talk to Gorko and he'll describe an ancient object to you. Use your controller to draw an arrow for him on the Goddess Wall and he'll give you a Heart Piece as a reward.

Heart Piece #23

Location: Skyloft (Beedle's Shop)

How to get it: Beedle sells a Heart Piece in his shop for 1,600 Rupees after you've purchased several other items from him. You can reduce the price of one item if you complete his Insect Cage sidequest, effectively making the Heart Piece only cost 800 Rupees.

If you have to pay full price, you'll need to have gotten the Giant Wallet from Batreaux in order to carry 1,600 Rupees.

Heart Piece #24

Location: Lanayru Gorge

How to get it: After healing the Thunder Dragon, ask him to battle and defeat four of his battles in a row without dying. Note that you cannot bring any potions with you. Once you've defeated four enemies, tell him you're done battling and he'll give you the last Heart Piece.

Skyward Sword HD Hearts Where to get two Life Medallions

Unlike Heart Pieces, Life Medallions provide a whole heart, but only if Link has them in his item pouch. If you put one in Item Check, Link will lose a heart. You just have to determine if having an extra heart is worth taking up an item slot. If nothing else, it's a good idea to have Life Medallions on you when going up against difficult bosses.

Life Medallion #1

Location: Skyloft (Beedle's Shop)

How to get it: Purchase it for 800 rupees at Beedle's Shop on Skyloft.

Life Medallion #2

Location: Lanayru Desert

How to get it: First, head to the southern section of Lanayru Desert and use the Clawshots to get on top of the wall. Activate the Goddess Cube with a Skyward Strike. Now head into the sky and fly to an island northwest of Fun Fun Island. This chest is tricky to get at. Drop down onto one of the lower ledges and then climb down the vines to get to the Goddess Chest. Open it to get your reward.

His heart grew three sizes that day

Hopefully, these tips have helped you enlarge your Hero's heart. Good luck on your journey and be ready to redo a few sections as unlocking some of these Heart Pieces can be really tricky.

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