Ten of the best signature scents | Funmi Fetto

Rather than having a different scent for different occasions, a hard-working signature scent can prepare you for every eventuality. Here are some wonderful perfumes to consider

The concept of a fragrance wardrobe, with a myriad of scents on rotation depending on mood, season, location and occasion, has always made sense to me. Some might call it greedy – I call it keeping my options open. That said, I’d be the first to admit that having a roster of fragrances on tap can be expensive – and confusing. So if you prefer scent monogamy, consider these. Violette FR’s oil perfume is predominantly vetiver, but lightened with ylang-ylang and bergamot. And it’s easy to cart around. Serge Lutens? Not so much, but the cult cedarwood and plum scent – which celebrates its 30th birthday this year, hence the special-edition bottle – is no less desirable. Rose lovers: Kilian’s offering is audacious; it includes bergamot and orange blossom as well as a dash of marshmallow. Tom Ford Rose de Russie is leather-infused and Loewe’s Templo de Debod adds coconut, oud and saffron for an unexpected twist. Prefer fruity but grown-up? Chanel No 1, Gabar’s Swim (blackcurrant meets mossy) and Hermès’ Rhubarb are exquisite options. Citrus scents have universal appeal: Jo Malone London’s Italian-inspired scent will have you booking a holiday. There’s also bergamot in Fragrance X by Trish McEvoy, however the myrrh, sandalwood, and amber give it a deliciously musky slant. All different but all unforgettable. Exactly what a signature scent should be.

1. Violette FR Avec Amour £50, violettefr.com
2. Chanel No 1 L’Eau Rouge £90, chanel.com
3. Jo Malone London Bitter Mandarin £76, jomalone.com
4. Hermès Eau de Rhubarbe £85, hermes.com
5. Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy Extreme from £140, bykilian.co.uk
6. Tom Ford Private Blend Rose de Russie £178, tomford.com
7. Gabar No III Swim £120, gabarmyanmar.com
8. Loewe Templo de Debod £191, perfumesloewe.com
9. Serge Lutens Feminite du Bois £110, harveynichols.com
10. Trish McEvoy Fragrance X £185, selfridges.com

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