The 12 Best Men’s Belts For Sale

It can be easy to overlook a belt. A single piece of leather might not seem like much, but it’s critically important in helping you keep your pants from falling off, often feeling more functional than fashionable. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as there are considerable options that can fulfill both of those needs. You just have to know where to look. Of course, the well-dressed men of the world know that a stylish leather belt is an indispensable part of your outfit.

Fortunately for you, we’ve made the belt shopping considerably easier, as we’ve rounded up the best belts on the market in 2021. We’ve also ranked these from least to most expensive, from simple leather belts to the best designer belts for men. With plenty of options across a multitude of different price points, there’s a style, texture, pattern, and material for everyone. If you’re looking to invest in a belt of your own for the first time or are looking for something bold and exciting to add to an existing collection, make sure it’s one of these.


1. Dickies Double Prong Leather Belt


Dickies is a workwear classic, which means their belt will provide plenty of good quality even if you put it through its paces. We especially like the atypical double holes all throughout the length of the belt.

dickies belt for men

Buy: Dickies Double Prong Leather Belt $18.50 (orig. $21.10) 12% OFF


2. Patagonia Friction Belt


Hiking clothes have gone from purely practical to something truly stylish, and this belt from Patagonia has a retro-outdoors vibe that elevates the most basic fits. Wear it with rolled-up work pants and Birkenstock Bostons. This belt is one-size-fits-all, although it may not be ideal for those with larger waists.

belts for men Buy: Patagonia Friction Belt $29.00

3. Uniqlo Braided Leather Belt


Braided belts might not be everyone’s personal favorite, but they make for a great second or even third option if you already have a variety of options in your rotation. We really love how the caramel color pairs with the buckle on this Uniqlo selection, creating a really sleek option.

Uniqlo Wide Mesh Leather Belt

Buy: Uniqlo Wide Mesh Leather Belt $29.90


4. Filson Togiak Leather-Trimmed Webbing Belt


This belt from Filson is inspired by outdoor adventures, but it’s simple and sophisticated enough to wear with dark wash denim and tan chinos. The webbing style belt has a simple hook in the metal buckle that fastens to the other end of the belt.

belts for men Buy: Filson Belt $45.00


5. 1901 Garrett Leather Belt


Looking for a simple black leather belt for under $50? We love this modern leather belt, which trades the traditional silver or gold buckles for an all-black aesthetic. It’s the kind of subtle touch that clotheshorses will appreciate.

best belts 2021 Buy: 1901 Garret All-Black Leather Belt $49.50

6. J. Crew Classic Leather Belt


J. Crew’s classic-style leather belt feels vintage-y while still being brand new. The slide-style buckle pairs well with everything and ensures you’ll be able to hold to and wear it for a long, long time.

Buy: J. Crew Classic Leather Belt $65.00


7. Filson Bridle Leather Belt


You might know Filson from their incredible bag craftsmanship, but that same pride of quality applies to all their leather goods, including this belt. The slightly square buckle makes this belt feel a little more unique than just your standard leather belt. Plus, it contrasts nicely with the dark brown leather.

filson leather belt, best belts for men 2021

Buy: Filson Bridle Leather Belt $75.00


8. Polo Ralph Lauren Suede D-Ring Belt


There’s something about a suede belt that adds a rugged touch to any outfit, despite the fact that suede is a delicate material. In any case, this stylish belt has a slight western edge while being understated enough for dressier outfits. The D-ring design makes it easy to adjust without worrying about finding the right belt hole.

belts for men Buy: Polo Ralph Lauren Belt $95.00

9. Maximum Henry Wide Oval Belt


The beauty of Maximum Henry is variety. Sizes run from XS-XL, and you can choose everything from belt width to color to buckle material. This belt is 1.5″ wide and has an oval-shaped buckle that sets it apart from the average belt buckle. The belts are made in New York from premium vegetable-tanned leather.

belts for men Buy: Maximum Henry Belt $135.00

10. Anderson’s Leather-Trimmed Woven Elastic Belt


Woven belts are some of the most comfortable options, and fabric woven belts are even more comfortable than leather belts. This belt from Anderson’s is made from a stretch elastic material with leather detailing and a silver buckle.

belts for men Buy: Anderson's Belt $150.00

11. Anderson’s Leather Western Belt in Black


A three-piece western belt is a surprisingly versatile addition to your wardrobe. A pair of slim black jeans and a camp collar shirt look even more elevated with a belt like this one from Anderson’s. Anderson’s is an Italian company that’s been in the business for 50 years.

belts for men Buy: Anderson's Belt $195.00



12. Saint Laurent Leather Belt


So many of Saint Laurent’s designs are meant to evoke and channel your inner rock star. The same can be said of this leather belt; the black leather and silver accents feel opulent while providing some cool textures to show off. Pair it with black jeans and a killer moto jacket to really show off your badass side.


Buy: Saint Laurent Leather Belt $495.00


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