The 22 Best Sweaters for Men

Its time to break out those stylish sweaters.

When shopping for the best sweaters for men, not only are you going to consider its style, but youre also going to consider the sweaters durability, warmth, and quality. There are plenty of great choices this season, so your choice will ultimately depend on the look youre going for and your budget. Here are the best sweaters for men.

Taylor Stitch Lodge SweaterTaylor Stitch Lodge Sweater

You will have no trouble keeping warm in the cold months with a Taylor Stitch sweater on your back. This is why the Taylor Stitch Lodge Sweater is such an easy recommendation. Its rugged look makes it a handsome outer layer, especially when partnered with a white Oxford shirt underneath.

This tough sweater is made, not surprisingly, with tough merino and yak wool. Even though it is remarkably durable, it is also quite soft to the touch. With just the right amount of stretch and give, this beautiful sweater is a cinch to wear. Yu can wear it whenever youre going upstate for a getaway.


Filson Crew Neck Guide SweaterFilson Crew Neck Guide Sweater

This Filson sweater could become your next go-to cold weather piece for years to come. The Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater is a knit sweater that is constructed of 100% merino wool. This makes it warm, soft and very comfy to wear.

Filson uses highly twisted yarn to make this. Its a technique that adds durability as well as prevents pilling. The material also makes it naturally water-resistant and rain-repellent, but it still allows air to circulate as well as wicks sweat. This is a classic knit sweater design, especially with the crewneck and ribbed cuffs and hem. Its the ideal sweater when layering in the winter.


Mission Workshop Coburn SweaterMission Workshop Coburn Sweater

This is made out of the best fabric material available: 100% extra fine merino wool. The Mission Workshop Coburn Sweater displays stylish form and function that is definitely worth every penny. Youre going to be wearing this sweater for many years to come because it is just so tough and dependable.

When you don this very sleek sweater, youll immediately notice that it can sufficiently regulate your body temperature in either warm or cold climates. It also conforms nicely to your body as it has just the right amount of stretch. It wicks moisture as well as resists dreaded body odor.


Wellen Headlands SweaterWellen Headlands Sweater

This Wellen Headlands Sweater has an old-school charm that appeals to both the young and the wise. The waffle-knit patterns are not fine, which makes them more pronounced and bold. It does offer a modern, more tailored fit.

Its constructed out of sustainable wool-blend fabric that is quite effective with its temperature-regulating abilities. This jacket is also very environmentally friendly because it actually uses recycled polyester and wool. It features ribbing at the neck, hem, and cuffs. This is a warm layer for the cold winter season, or you can wear this over your shirt when its a little bit nippy out.


Taylor Stitch Fisherman SweaterTaylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater

This Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater is inspired by and designed as a tribute to those who love the sea. Its a fishermans sweater to be sure, and it is most definitely functional as well as stylishly iconic.

Its the perfect pullover to wear when youre going out to sea to fish or just to sail. It even works perfectly fine for landlubbers too. The chunky waffle knit design will catch your eye immediately. It works great as a top layer for mildly cold days or nights or as a warm inner layer during the winter. It has ribbing at the neck and cuff, which also has double thickness.


Todd Snyder Italian Ribbed Raglan Crewneck SweaterTodd Snyder Italian Ribbed Raglan Crewneck Sweater

No list of the best sweaters for men would be complete without at least one Todd Snyder entry. This Todd Snyder Italian Ribbed Raglan Crewneck Sweater features very masculine cuts and lines that will make for a great addition to any stylish mans winter rotation.

Its an everyday wear sweater that could perfectly match a white or blue Oxford for a classic look. This comes in bold colors, such as teal, green, red, and the ever-elegant black. This sweater features a half-cardigan texture. Its constructed out of slub yarn, which is an ultra-soft yarn from Millefili in Prato, Italy.


Filson Henley Guide SweaterFilson Henley Guide Sweater

This winter, Filson offers up a water-resistant sweater constructed out of wool with reinforced arms and yoke in the Henley Guide Sweater. It is knitted out of merino wool, which provides its soft and smooth texture. It also features a water-resistant canvas overlay at the arms and yoke as reinforcement.

The yarn used is tightly twisted, which adds to its durability. This choice of material also makes the sweater resistant to pilling. It is designed to last for many winters.

This pullover also has a 4-buttoned placket for versatile ventilation. It also features a classic ribbing at the cuffs and hem for added insulation.


Todd Snyder Merino Cable Crewneck SweaterTodd Snyder Merino Cable Crewneck Sweater

There is no doubt about it this durable and stylish sweater is an investment. Everything about this sweater says high-quality and classic. Its a pullover sweater that evokes feelings and images of the refined, but it can be worn as casual wear too. It is certainly vintage but with a modern twist.

Its made out of pure merino wool no additives. The knit pattern conveys modern tastes in its zig-zag lines. It comes in white, olive, yellow, and navy. Wear it over a shirt or your Oxford for that dress down yet still somewhat preppy look.


Buck Mason Five Gauge Fisherman Rib SweaterBuck Mason Five Gauge Fisherman Rib Sweater

If youre looking for that perfect all-around sweater to complete your winter ensemble, then you wont be disappointed with Buck Mason. The Buck Mason Five Gauge Rib Sweater is a rugged sweater that can be considered an essential in the modern mans wardrobe.

It features chunky knit patterns as well as the iconic fisherman sweater design. Its made of 100% merino wool, making it super soft to wear and to touch. It efficiently retains warmth in moderately cold weather or as a mid-layer in a winter layered outfit. Its design inspiration is vintage, but the cut and fit is made slimmer for a more modern appeal.


Faherty Sconset Crew SweaterFaherty Sconset Crew Sweater

While the Faherty Brand is much more associated with the surf and sand, they do have a lot to offer for the chillier months of the year. One such product is the Sconset Crew Sweater. Its nothing short of amazing.

Its constructed out of a cotton-cashmere fabric blend. This makes for a soft sweater that could very well be the softest youve ever worn. The texture on this sweater is incredible. This is achieved by the marled and textured yarns that it is constructed with. This is a great addition to your closet. Wear it when going out on a chilly night or when the cold winter months are here.


Grayers Arandel Birdseye Crew SweaterGrayers Arandel Birdseye Crew Sweater

When the cold winter winds compel you to layer up, dont be afraid about not being stylish. Grayers has the solution for you. The Arandel Birdseye sweater is constructed for superior comfort and warmth. It is made out of fabric blend that is perfect to cover you from the cold climate.

Its made out of 60% cotton, 30% nylon, and 10% merino wool. It features a crew neck look as well as a birdseye texture together with tone-contrasted yarn heathearing. These visual features produce a modern version of a classic design.


Obey Seaweed CardiganObey Seaweed Cardigan

The Obey Seaweed Cardigan is out to ruffle some feathers. The jacquard pattern and color combinations are loud and flashy. They practically scream. If thats what youre going for, then this Obey cardigan is for you.

Its a cardigan that is constructed out of faux Mohair yarn that is 100% acrylic. Get this Seaweed-patterned cardigan this winter to stand out from the rest of the plain and basic because nothing says extra like hitting the streets in an Obey cardigan that features high-contrast color combinations.


Sunspel Merino Fine Wool SweaterSunspel Merino Fine Wool Sweater

Sunspel is a brand that has been recently associated with outfitting the worlds most stylish spy James Bond. This very fact means that Sunspel has luxury and style in spades.

Make this Merino Fine Wool Sweater your go-to pullover for this winter. Its constructed of Italian Spun Merino that is both the embodiment of luxury and plush softness. This classic design can be perfectly paired with a crew neck shirt or maybe even an Oxford for a smart look. It also works perfectly well as a mid-layer to keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter month.


Outerknown Shelter Crewneck SweaterOuterknown Shelter Crewneck Sweater

The surf wear brand has taken a plunge into more classic apparel, and it has definitely paid off. The Outerknown Shelter Crewneck Sweater does not disappoint. It is an exceptional crewneck pullover, to say the least.

It is made of 85% organic cotton and 15% wool. This combination of materials was chosen to produce a sweater that circulates air, keeps the wearer warm, and most importantly, doesnt overheat. Another reason why these materials were chosen is because Outerknown is a responsible, environmentally aware manufacturer. Keep yourself warm this winter with this sustainable sweater.


Taylor Stitch Hardtack SweaterTaylor Stitch Hardtack Sweater

The Taylor Stitch Hardtack Sweater is designed to last for many years. Not only will it physically last, but its design and fit are classic enough to stand the arduous test of time. This pullover sweater is simply a mainstay classic.

Its construction is 97% baby yak and 3% wool. This combination makes for a very fine and soft feel. It also features a Donegal fleck design, which adds to the visual appeal and texture. For added durability, the elbows are overlayed with tan sheepskin. The Taylor Stitch Hardtack Sweater has ribbing at the neck, hem, and cuff. This sweater is perfect as a top layer for chilly weather or as a mid-layer in the winter.


J. Crew Rugged Merino Bridseye Crewneck SweaterJ. Crew Rugged Merino Bridseye Crewneck Sweater

J.Crew presents us with a sweater that is constructed with equal parts rugged urban style and affordability. This J. Crew sweater is an interpretation of the classic birdseye stitching pattern.

It is made out of a blend of merino wool and nylon. This makes it super soft and naturally warm. Its a handy sweater to have, especially when the air starts to get cold as in the months leading up to winter. It is both very soft and highly durable. It is comfortably warm as a top layer when its moderately chilly, or you can also use it as an inner layer to keep you warm in the freezing winter.


Orvis Newbridge Donegal Crewneck SweaterOrvis Newbridge Donegal Crewneck Sweater

The Orvis Newbridge Donegal Crewneck Sweater has a very classic and rural charm to it. But this doesnt mean that it is not fit for urban wear; on the contrary, consider this a modern retelling of a classic tale.

It is made out of authentic Donegal yarn. The Irish-made Donegal yarn is a tweed yarn that features very earthy colors, and this rugged look adds to the appeal. It is naturally warm and durable. It will be able to weather through cold weather or even tough winters. Its construction features a crewneck and ribbing at the neck, cuffs, and hem.


Buck Mason Cotton Linen Traveler SweaterBuck Mason Cotton Linen Traveler Sweater

Buck Mason is known for their high-quality, top-of-the-line, stylish mens shirts, jeans, and jackets. Its only natural that they are going into sweaters.

This Cotton Linen Traveler Sweater is made to be a very eye-catching top layer in mildly cold climates. With its classic colors, it also easily works as a very cool-looking inner layer, especially when paired with a dark denim jacket or tan blazer.

It is constructed out of a cotton-linen blend that is breathable and lightweight at a 55% cotton to 45% linen ratio. Its extremely soft, warm, and comfy. Consider having this in your wardrobe for the coming winter season.


Schott Button Henley SweaterSchott Button Henley Sweater

If youre serious about maintaining your fashionable style during the layering months of winter, then do yourself a favor and have even just one Schott sweater in your closet. Schott is known for its iconic American leather jacket, but this time, they are going for the inner sweater layers.

The Button Henley Sweater is just thick enough to be functionally warm and cozy. Its made out of a wool and nylon blend to ensure that you are given warmth and comfort. It works well as a top layer over your shirt in mildly cold temperatures. If there is ice in the air, then just throw a jacket over this warm sweater, and youre ready.


Faherty Cashmere Blend Crewneck SweaterFaherty Cashmere Blend Crewneck Sweater

This Faherty sweater is the quintessential sweater that you need on your back when the winter months roll in. It is made of a 2-ply knit construction that creates an amazing texture and a heathered color effect.

It features some soft ribbing at the collar, the cuffs, and its open hems. It is made of a responsibly sourced wool and cashmere blend. Its warm and light. It will work great as an inner layer or your outerwear for when its only slightly cold out. Much like all Faherty products do, this Cashmere Blend Crewneck Sweater provides an elegantly masculine look.


Patagonia Recycled Wool SweaterPatagonia Recycled Wool Sweater

Patagonia joins the bandwagon of eco-sustainability and social awareness with this recycled wool sweater. This wool pullover is a reinvention of the classic sweater that fishermen wear when theyre out at sea.

Its construction is primarily recycled wool at 70%. The remaining 30% is mostly nylon at 26% , with the rest being other fibers. It comes in a ribbed crewneck and hem as well as doubled cuffs. This works great as an inner layer under your tough outer layers for when you want to go trekking or camping outdoors. It also works well as an everyday wear during the cold winter months.


Outerknown Reimagine Cashmere SweaterOuterknown Reimagine Cashmere Sweater

Outerknown is one surf-inspired urban outfitter that you can rely on to push the envelope of style and performance. Much like how they run their entire business, this cashmere sweater is a reimagined version of a classic. It is also made with sustainability in mind.

The luxurious yarn that this sweater is made of is actually recycled. After all, what else can a socially aware brand do but do things sustainably? This sweater is constructed with a tailored fit design and comes in neutral colors. Its going to be one of the softest sweaters youre ever going to feel on your skin.


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