The 9 Best Winter Gloves for Men Who Commute, Shovel, and Work Outside

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In the frigid cold of winter, it’s bad to get caught without a solid pair of snow boots, a reliable beanie, and a winter coat or parka. But it might be worse to get caught outside without a pair of gloves. The best winter gloves for men keep hands warm, yes. But super-advanced glove technology has come so far as to offer touchscreen fingers for smartphone use. While investing in winter gloves might not seem sexy, nothing (and nobody) will warm appendages quite the way this winter accessory will.

Gloves have seemed to keep up with style and technology trends. Though people have been scaling Everest since the 1920s, the catcher’s mitts they wore aren’t exactly en vogue for daily wear. Today, minimalism is sought after. Ease of use is encouraged. And smartphone addictions have caused most manufacturers to include that new touchscreen tech across the board as a primary selling feature. And though there will always be a scale of good, better, and best, the best winter gloves for men remain an affordable accessory.

Affordability means owning multiple pairs, which, for many, might be the best bet. That means stashing a pair of winter gloves in the daily commuting bag to supplement the days they’ve been forgotten at home. That also invites the possibility of nicer leather winter gloves for work, insulated winter gloves for shoveling, and then some funky wool winter gloves for the weekend.

the north face men's apex gloves in blue against a white wavy background


The North Face Men's Apex + Etip Glove

Thanks to touchscreen compatibility, people don’t have to remove their gloves to access their phones anymore. The North Face was one of the first brands to make a really good touchscreen-compatible glove and they continue to improve upon it with the Apex glove.

Designed to be windproof, with the brand’s Heatseeker Eco insulation, and with the gripper dot print on the palm, these are the best winter gloves for men heading to work or heading outside to shovel.

If the sure-thing combination of windproof tech and insulation weren’t enough, The North Face has also included a “nose wipe” feature. Kudos to them for knowing their customer.

club monaco leather gloves in tan against a white wavy background


Club Monaco Leather Gloves

Leather gloves for men are classic and super chic. They’re great winter gloves for work and pair well with the city-mandatory overcoat.

Club Monaco didn’t miss a single detail when designing these winter gloves for men. From the whip-stitched edges and timeless pin-tucked details at the backhand to the cashmere-blend lining for additional warmth, they exude style and will keep hands comfortably toasty in any harsh weather conditions.

And though they aren’t advertising this on the product page, it appears as though they’ve included a touchscreen index finger and thumb for smartphone use while in transit.

the carhartt waterproof insulated gloves in brown against a white wavy background


Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Gloves

A dependable waterproof option, these are the best winter work gloves from Carhartt. Available in three colors and sizes from small to 2XL, these winter gloves are sure to fit a hand properly for a secure fit in one of the more insecure seasons.

Using the brand’s trademarked Storm Defender material in tandem with the ability to wick moisture away, dry quickly, and stay warm, these become one of the better options for shoveling, which can take hours depending on the size of the yard.

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patagonia retro pile gloves in white against a white wavy background


Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece Gloves

For those trying to cosplay as the Yeti from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” Patagonia has the hands covered — literally.

The Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece Gloves, available in black and what the brand is calling “pelican” (missed opportunity), are fuzzy on the outside with quick-drying palms. This style is made from a mix of recycled polyester double-sided shearling with a nylon palm for comfort, low bulk, and overall improved dexterity. They’re touchscreen-compatible for calls outgoing to Yukon Cornelius.

uniqlo heattech gloves in dark grey against a white wavy background


Uniqlo Heattech Gloves

For the guy with a tight budget, Uniqlo offers their Heattech gloves as a very affordable price. Available in five colorways, the brand’s Heattech fabric provides incredible warmth for extended periods of time.

Hands will be happy in these touchscreen-compatible non-restrictive gloves. They warm up using natural body heat while wicking away moisture from the hand.

the carhartt waterproof nitrile gloves in grey against a white wavy background


Carhartt Men's Thermal Waterproof Nitrile Grip Gloves

Well-suited for rain, sleet or snow, the Carhartt Thermal Waterproof Nitrile Grip Gloves are primarily useful in wet-working conditions. Not only will they keep hands dry, but the set also contains a thermal lining for extra warmth and an excellent grip on damp surfaces.

Use these for those slushy nights spent clearing out the driveway to keep a shovel safely in hand and water out of the gloves. These would also crush it on a lobster boat.

the tracksmith harrier gloves in yellow against a white wavy background


Tracksmith Harrier Gloves

Tracksmith emphasizes style over function typically, but to make these winter running gloves, the two had to work in tandem. The Harrier Gloves were inspired by the painter’s gloves that served as a good luck charm of Olympic runner, Bill Rodgers, and serve as a mainstay for runners on nippy mornings.

Available in three fun colors and three unisex sizes, the Harrier running gloves are made from merino wool, a thermoregulating material.

the thom browne striped cashmere gloves against a white wavy background


Thom Browne Striped Cashmere Gloves

Gloves don’t have to be expensive, but for those willing to shell out a bit more for a luxury pair, Thom Browne’s Striped Cashmere Gloves are decadent. These designer gloves for men are knitted with color-blocked panels on each hand, showing off the brand’s signature four-bar stripes on the ribbed cuffs as well as the tricolor stripe insignia that’s immediately recognizable.

These gloves extend a little further up the wrist than most men’s winter gloves. Wrists will be dazzled to feel these gloves, as they’re made from the softest and one of the most luxurious materials in use — cashmere.

the foxx river fingerless gloves in brown tweed against a white wavy background


Foxx River Fingerless Ragg Gloves

Fingerless winter gloves might seem like an oxymoron, but there’s a simple explanation — dexterity. Although many winter gloves for men offer some flexibility, what happens when fingers are required to be extremely detailed? Consider winter photographers. The act of focusing a camera and pressing a shutter might not work without the dexterity of an actual fingertip.

Made in the US, these fingerless gloves from Foxx River are a mix of wool and nylon and keep the majority of a hand warm without restriction. They also offer a ribbed cuff to lock in body heat. As for touchscreen compatibility, it doesn’t get any better than fingerless gloves.