The Best Place To Shop Your Favorite Designers? Amazon

We can’t deny that Amazon makes online shopping easier than almost any other site. A plethora of options, tons of ratings and reviews and super speedy shipping — what more could you want? Another perk that you may not be aware of is that there are tons of great designers you can shop on Amazon.

Most people probably go directly to a specific brand’s website when they’re looking for a fresh pair of jeans, a fancy new watch or some trendy slides to slip for dog walks. That can also mean they have to deal with unpredictable shipping times and potentially limited options. The smarter choice when you want to browse your favorite designer’s offerings is to check if they’re available on Amazon. You can shop for everything from North Face jackets to Frye boots with a few quick clicks, and order these fashionable, high-quality goods at the same time you’re buying toilet paper or a new car charger for your phone.

Amazon is truly a one-stop-shop for pretty much everything you need, including luxury and in-demand designer products. These are just a small sampling of the top designers you can shop on Amazon.


1. Frye

Love leather? The Frye Company makes classic, great quality shoes, boots, sneakers and bags for both men and women. They claim to be the oldest, continuously operating American shoe company, but they’ve managed to keep up with the times by offering their products on Amazon. Their simple yet stylish staples are a must-have, especially heading into fall.

frye boots Buy: Frye

2. Hanes

There is no name more iconic in undergarments than Hanes. Whether you need underwear, undershirts, socks or even sweats, their comfortable staples are a necessity. You can get affordable apparel for the whole family that’ll last you for a long time, and when it wears out, you can grab some more with one click on Amazon.

hanes t-shirts Buy: Hanes

3. London Fog

If you don’t have a trench coat from London Fog yet, it’s about time you get one. Their jackets, handbags and footwear have a way of making you look polished no matter what else you’re wearing. Everything is classic and timeless, so you can trust that it’ll never go out of style. The fact that it’s a designer you can buy on Amazon is just an added perk.

london fog jacket Buy: London Fog

4. New Balance

New Balance is no longer just the brand that makes your favorite dad shoes. They have some of the trendiest athleisure around these days, and you can get all of the best offerings right on Amazon. Shop for men, women and kids to get everything you need for running, the gym or just lounging around.

new balance sneakers Buy: New Balance

5. Levi’s

Everyone has a pair of Levi’s — your mom, your dad, your hip niece. They’re a wardrobe staple and have somehow managed to stay relevant through decades of premium denim. The styles have kept up with the times, but their vintage is probably what they’re best known for. Grab your Levi’s of choice on Amazon when you just can’t wait more than a few days for a new pair.

levi's jeans Buy: Levi's

6. Columbia

When you need new gear for your spontaneous outdoor adventures, there’s no better designer to shop on Amazon than Columbia. You can get everything you need in record time, from hats and apparel that protect you from the sun to waterproof pants that are perfect for fishing. You’ll be prepared for any conditions you may face with just a few clicks on Amazon.

columbia hat Buy: Columbia

7. The North Face

Nobody knows jackets and backpacks better than The North Face. You know them, you love them, you could always use some more. They’ve expanded into all sorts of apparel and gear, and it’s all available at Amazon. If you need a backpack for back to school, a tent for camping or a heavy-duty jacket to brave the upcoming winter, you can get it from The North Face on Amazon.

north face backpack Buy: The North Face

8. Fossil

Shopping for a quality watch on Amazon may not be the most traditional way to shop, but it is the fastest and easiest way to get yourself a new Fossil. They have vintage classics, smartwatches, even jewelry and leather goods. Fossil is a trusted brand for watches and beyond, and Amazon is helping to make it easier than ever to shop it online.

fossil watch Buy: Fossil

9. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has been an iconic designer for decades, and now it’s a designer you can shop on Amazon. The brand has only continued to get more and more popular with time. Underwear, home goods, perfume, ready-to-wear fashion — they make it all. Grab the trendiest, most comfortable, most stylish products from Calvin Klein conveniently on Amazon.

calvin klein underwear Buy: Calvin Klein

10. APL

If you haven’t heard of APL yet, you will soon. This up-and-coming brand is making some of the best sneakers around, as well as other stylish shoes that you’ll be excited to wear. You don’t have to think twice about where to get yourself a pair either. They’re all available right on Amazon.

APL sneakers Buy: APL

11. Vans

While Vans was once a skater brand, it has become skater chic that everyone can rock. They make very cool slip-on sneakers, socks, backpacks, hats and other accessories. Everything you could want from this notorious brand is available to purchase ASAP on Amazon, so you’ll be ready to alley-oop in no time.

vans sneakers Buy: Vans

12. Nike

Nike has gone far beyond its beginnings as a brand that only athletes could appreciate. These days, anyone who has ever run a mile, taken a step or felt like lounging in something comfortable probably owns a Nike item. Nike’s superior backpacks, socks, duffels, shorts, shoes, hats and more can all be found on Amazon.

nike shirt Buy: Nike

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