The Biggest Menswear Trends to Know for Fall/Winter 2022

The best part about winter is that you get to try all the fashion trends that are very popular. There’s no limitation of layering and experimenting in winters and you won’t even feel uncomfortable. Men usually left out on the trends of winters but this time that’s not going to be the case. There are vast options of fashion that you were unaware about but let’s take you through some of the amazing trends which you should follow for your upcoming winter. 

Leather Jacket:

Leather jackets can never go out of fashion. It is a timeless wardrobe that has been everyone’s necessity. Till now leather jackets have been worn to a definite length and mostly as biker jackets. The designs were almost the same throughout every year and not too different. But this season, there has been an addition of a new kind of leather jacket. With no exception to this year as well, leather jackets have transformed themselves to leather ultra-long coats. These coats are upto calf length and a bit oversized. They come in various necklines and all of a sudden retro have been improvised to create this statement piece. You can style these with leather pants or suits and you will look as good as any vogue model.

Knitted Sweater:

Pile of colorful warm clothes on wooden background.

It’s a bet that all these years you have worn sweaters in solid colors with no patterns on it. This year the sweaters that are trending have bright colors along with geometric patterns. The knitted shapes make it more alluring. Put on a knitted sweater and pants with boots or sneakers and you are all set to beat against the dropping temperature that too in the most stylish way. For better appearance buy one size bigger than you and it’s for sure that this would be the coolest baggy trend ever.

Varsity Jacket:

You must have seen every Netflix rom-com character wearing varsity jackets. It is indeed the most popular trend that has been going viral all over the world. Originally varsity jackets were for athletes, basketball players, rugby and football players but for the sake of fashion, the jackets have been modified. These jackets make you look very sporty and fresh. These might remind you of your college days as well. The jackets are also available with initials on it. Get your initial jacket, pair with some nice jeans and shoes and sneak into the trendiest winter pattern.

Relaxed Leg Pants:

It is important to feel comfortable and warm while maintaining the style. Professionals have stated that extra long pants are the new trend when we speak of warmth and comfort. The material used in making these pants is khadi or some different thick material. The pants are flared and baggy. If you are not into baggy clothing, you can definitely opt for some amazing jeans. Jeans have been ritual wear for both summer and winter so why should this year be an exception. Try buying deeper shades for this winter. Some amazing collections of jeans will be available at Big and Tall Jeans.

Turtle Necks:

 Did turtle neck ever go out of your list? No right ! Bring in turtle necks with a bit of twist. Printed turtle necks are now available in the market and one of those has to make its way into your closet. You can layer a basic shirt and a coat over it, with neutral color pants and get ready for all the compliments.

Sweater Vests:

The iconic fashion trend of 1990 is back with some exclusive collection of sweater vests. These are very much comfortable and are suitable for every temperature. If the temperature drops, you can wear a trench coat or a denim jacket over it and for moderate temperature, you can wear the sweater over any shirt.

Bomber Jacket:

Get ready for winter walks with bomber jackets on. These are very versatile and are easiest to style. They protect you from winter chills while you slay in your outfit. The jacket can be styled with a t-shirt and any denim pants. If you desire you can substitute this with hoodies as well. Look for oversized hoodies as oversized everything is now ruling the fashion industry. You can find up to 6xl hoodies and choose according to your preference.

Cross Body Shoulder Bag:

Instead of stacking up everything in your pockets, a shoulder bag will help you a lot to keep things organized. These bags are easier to carry, all you have to do is lock it across your shoulder. You can place the bag in front,side or back, whichever you prefer and the best part of these bags is that they can also be fixed in waists. Your hands will be free from weight and will not get cold. You would be able to use a pair of gloves or you can simply put your hands in your jacket.

Beige is the New Winter Color: 

Lately all the generations have been obsessed with beige color. The color is a very neutral and aesthetic tone. With all the colors of fall around you, it blends in really well. A beige sweater or cardigan would make you look subtle and elegant. You can also go for full beige co-ords as well. Add in some gold jewelry and brown shoes for chic finishing.


With the increase in demand for sneakers, boots were lost somewhere. But they are back in trend. What can go bad if you put on a classic pair of black boots? Nothing. Tones of black and brown will always be the classic ones but there’s been a new addition to the color. Olive green shade is currently very popular and looks fine.

These were a few of the best fashion trends and you should give each a try. This season winter fashion was inspired from the 90’s and the improvisations were truly commendable.