The BSL Team’s Favorite Clothing Items

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Your outfit can make or break your mood (whether we want it to or not). Finding the perfect pieces for your closet and can a pain in the rear end, so having a group of friends who can give you recommendations is the perfect solution! Let me introduce you to your new best friends, the BSL team! 

We love clothing here at BSL and each have a ride-or-die favorite that we can't live without. From athleisure to the perfect jeans, there's something for everyone! 

Here are the BSL team's favorite clothing item.


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Choosing my favorite clothing item genuinely has to be one of the hardest things ever. This probably changes week by week, but one thing that stays CONSISTENT is my black Lululemon Align bike shorts. They are so comfy, so flattering, and probably my most reached-for clothing item. I work out in them, but more often I just wear them to be comfy. While I'm on the topic of bike shorts, I also recently got the Aritzia TNAButter Cheeky Hi-Rise 5" Short and I am obsessed with those too. They're 10/10s but they're still not the same as my Lulu shorts. - Hannah

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favorite products 2022

3. Sarah's Agolde Dee Shorts

 I've always hated shorts on me until I found these. They're definitely an investment but they're the ONLY pair of jean shorts I own (like legitimately I only own one pair haha) I think they're really flattering and a great length. I really want to get them in black too! -Sarah

bsl team favorites
bsl team favorites

I got the lulu Oversized Scuba Hoodie for my birthday and have been obsesseddddd with it since. It is pretty expensive but so so comfortable and a really good basic sweatshirt that will basically last forever. I want it in so many more colors, I just love it.- Julia

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5. Sophia's Madewell Jeans

These are the only jeans that I’ve been able to find that actually fit me properly! I will say I bought the same jeans in a regular jean color and they don’t fit as well so I would recommend going and trying them on in the store. But if you have a skinny waist and stronger legs, try these! I’ve actually heard from a lot of people no matter what the body type that Madewell jeans are awesome. - Sophia

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6. Shelby's Leggings

When I look into my closet all I see is a wardrobe purge waiting to happen. Since moving to the city, I feel like I need a whole style upgrade and I'm patiently waiting for that to happen. But, in the meantime, there is one area of clothing that I feel I have down to a T and that is my athleisure. I've started buying my workout clothing on Amazon and have not regretted it! I love these leggings and could not recommend more! - Shelby

This post was all about the BSL team's favorite clothing item.

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