The Everygirl’s 2021 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

There are certain things in life that just require a certain skillset, and at the tippity top of that list is being a gifted packer. Either you’re a minimalist who just was born with the gift of packing your bags efficiently, or you somehow constantly overpack bags stuffed to the brim with pieces you don’t end up even glancing twice at (raises both hands). The solution? Mastering your travel capsule wardrobe.

If you’ve been around here for a while, you already know how keen we are on the concept of capsule wardrobes—a closet full of items that can be mixed and matched with one another for an infinite amount of combinations and a permanent fix to your “I don’t know what to wear today” conundrum. And when is a better time to have pieces that can be mixed, matched, and rotated than when you’re on a trip and don’t have access to all of your usual pieces?

If you’re in the overpacking club, or just feel like you never know where to start when you start making your travel packing list, welcome to your permanent solution. With a little bit of strategy, a few versatile pieces, and your travel capsule in your back pocket, you’ll be packing less but having more to wear each and every time you pack a bag.

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muscle tee*
eyelet shirt*
crewneck tee*
white button-up*
striped top*
mini dress
swim suit
jean jacket*
off-the-shoulder dress
straight jeans*
sleeveless dress
denim shorts*
linen skirt
bike shorts*
block-heel sandals
slide sandals*
mini backpack*
tortoise sunglasses*
crossbody bag


For a day exploring town

One of the greatest joys in life is traveling to a new town and heading out in the morning with no plans, just a day of exploring on your to-do list. The ideal look for those days? One that’s equally cute and comfortable, which this combo pulls off without a hitch. The flat slide sandals ensure you’ll be able to walk all day, while the midi dress will keep you cool and comfortable while looking put-together.

sleeveless dress / jean jacket* / tortoise sunglasses* / crossbody bag / slide sandals*


For a nice dinner

It isn’t a vacation without at least one special dinner out, and this off-the-shoulder dress is begging to be pulled out and worn for the next one you go on. It’s the perfect one-and-done piece to pack for when you know you’ll need one nicer outfit, but don’t want to pack multiple things to accomplish it.

off-the-shoulder dress / tortoise sunglasses* / block-heel sandals


For the beach

If your trip involves days at the beach or lake, a timeless, black one-piece is your go-to. Top it off with a white-button up and denim shorts for a classic look that can be turned into a going out look with just the swap of your undergarments.

white button-up* / tortoise sunglasses* / swim suit / denim shorts* / mini backpack*/ slide sandals


For a hike

Comfortable clothes are a vacation must, and a plain tee and zip-up hoodie can be used for both any more athletic activities you have planned and to have just in case you get chilly on any part of your trip. With a pair of bike shorts and a pair of sneakers (a vacation must), you’ll have mastered a casual athleisure look with no effort.

crewneck tee* / tortoise sunglasses* / sweatshirt* / bike shorts* / sneakers*


Out to lunch

Sometimes a nice top and jeans are the perfect recipe, and that’s the case if you know you’ll have some events throughout your trip that you want to look put-together for, but not too dressed up. This perfect striped blouse can be paired with either shorts or jeans depending on the weather, and a crossbody bag, slides, and a pair of sunglasses take it to a full look for whatever your casual day might entail.

striped top* / tortoise sunglasses*/ straight jeans* / crossbody bag / slide sandals*



the accessory gods are smiling down on us

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