The Luxury Lifestyle List: Keziah Wildsmith, renowned event designer and young entrepreneur

We caught up with Keziah Wildsmith, a renowned event designer and young entrepreneur on a meteoric rise. She is the founder of event design company Heaps + Stacks.

My car of choice

Mostly anyone else’s car that’s not mine and not being driven by me (for concern over other people’s safety!). As purely a driveway ornament probably a teal green vintage Jaguar or something really cute like a Nissan Figaro… new cars just don’t look as good.

My favourite holiday destination

We stayed in Puglia, Italy last year for our honeymoon and it was utterly delightful. Delicious food, great wine, very quiet, lovely beaches, cute towns, great weather… it’s got it all going on!

My gadget I can’t live without

So boring but just my iPhone. It’s my purse, to-do list, music, bookshelf you name it it’s all on there. When it runs out of battery, I feel completely lost… and I’m actually normally lost as it’s my map.

My go to fashion brand

Most of my wardrobe is dresses… anything you can sling over your head in a rush, feel comfy in but also look like you’ve made half an effort in, is a win for me! I just love Rotate by Birger Christensen, Shrimps, Olivia Von Halle and Ganni. At the moment I am trying to hold off buying anything for at least a few weeks to make sure I’m wearing what I’ve got first!

My airline of choice

British Airways and I’m not 100% sure why. I feel like they are the good guys amongst a sea of bad airline options. They also have good wifi so I can crack on and get some jobs ticked off before trying to switch off.

My favourite watch brand

I don’t actually wear a watch as its quite rare that my phone or laptop isn’t in front of me – another clock just adds additional pressure! If I were to get one, a classic, timeless Cartier gold watch would be just fine.

My favourite restaurant

My husband and I love eating out. Greedy you might say! A few months back we had planned a trip to Paris, but it was cancelled due to the strikes – so to make up for missing the trip we booked a dinner at Le Boudin Blanc in Sheppard’s Market, Mayfair. Honestly it was so tasty – blew us away. French food is the peak of indulgence. Butter, Garlic, Salt!

My guilty pleasure

I recently went pole dancing for a friend’s birthday party and absolutely loved it. Despite pulling basically every muscle in my body, I had so much fun (and such a hard-core workout). I’m going to sign up for a course… and have been joking with the team about installing a pole in the office.

My favourite way to give back

Giving money is of course very useful but sometimes giving an experience (which is what we do at my company Heaps + Stacks) is sometime more valuable. Last Christmas we ran a donate and decorate station at The Wing for a women’s charity where the members could donate and then fill a clear glass bauble, with foliage or sequins etc and tie with a velvet ribbon.