the pink cotton dress neck halter that will trend this spring.

When the first rays of the sun begin to appear, the authentic fashion hunters get down to work to build that dressing room that we all wish to have in spring. Because we are not going to fool ourselves, at this point the baskets of our favorite firms are already at the limit, full of garments (in trend) that make us forget that we are still in winter (for a very little time). Now, although we love to go to the last, building a good wardrobe, based on the basics, helps us deal with the puzzles caused by not knowing what to wear or how is the best decision we can make. Because timeless garments have the ability to solve any style.

Who has not had jeans that have been dressed in casual designs and also on those special occasions? And what about the dresses or jumpsuits we turn to year after year? There are fewer and fewer differences between the spring/summer autumn/winter term collections, which is why dresses like the one we present to you today can be worn regardless of the season and it is an easy task to adapt and combine them.

If this basic dress seems like the perfect acquisition for spring, you can imagine what the combinations will be. How to complete the ook? We know brands that design and manufacture bags (many of them by hand) and if you get any of them we are convinced that you will dare to put aside your usual bags (even those of luxury brands).

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