The Top 62 Suit Jackets Ideas

So many suit jacket styling ideas, so little time. This list will have you logging on to your computer and your favorite retailers or running out to your local shops to fill your closets with every suit jacket and blazer you can get your hands on. You are about to be the most stylish, well-dressed man in the room.

1. Black

Black Suit Jackets -santobatailors

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All black everything, all the time. Black is timeless. Black is classic. Black can be casual. Black can be dressy. Black is all-encompassing, matches with pretty much everything, and can be your best fashion color friend. 

Bringing a pattern into the mix really elevates the look as a whole. A pinstripe is never the wrong answer. Charles Tyrwhitt makes a slim fit, merino cloth suit that is shaped to drape naturally over your body and will mold to your silhouette over time with repeated wear. You cannot go wrong by having this suit in your closet. 

As we are in the cooler months of fall and winter, a velvet suit not only looks rich, but the refined softness of the material enhances the elegance of the suit and keeps you warm. Salvatore Ferragamo has a velvet single-breasted jacket with an oblique breast pocket and a double pocket with a hidden flap for all your super-secret needs. This jacket is perfect when paired with tailored chinos or trousers.

2. Blazer

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What’s the difference between a suit jacket and a blazer? Thank you for asking. A suit jacket has a coordinating pair of pants made from the same fabric and pattern as the coat. A blazer is a jacket that is purchased on its own as a singular garment and can be paired with pretty much anything from jeans to trousers to chinos to other pants from your other suits. 

Blazers can be single or double-breasted, although double is not quite as common and is a little more formal. They come in an array of colors, patterns, and fabrics so you can own a variety and always have options. From a casual dinner or happy hour drinks to a more formal event under the stars of night, you can form any style of outfit for any occasion with a blazer.

When in doubt, keep it in the same color family. A gray tweed blazer paired with a white button up, black tailored trousers, and a pair of black Oxfords always looks like you know what you are doing and will have all the ladies, and men, giving you a second look as you walk down the street.

3. Blue

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Owning a blue suit jacket is as important as owning a black one. Blue matches with pretty much everything and works for all events from the most casual to formal. The line gets drawn at black tie events. 

Ok, back to blue. DKNY has an option for their two-piece blue suit where you can add a matching waistcoat for a three-piece suit option if it’s that kind of an event; but if not, the two-piece option is still just as luxurious. This suit jacket has a Panama weave which gives it extra airflow, making it the perfect seasonal transition piece.

If you want to pair the suit jacket with a pair of fitted trousers or jeans to break up the pattern or monotony of color, add a nice crisp white or alternating blue button up to keep the styling visually appealing.

4. Brown

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While brown is a good neutral color, a brown suit is usually not quite as popular of an option. However, it’s not the wrong answer either. Add a black vest under your suit jacket and a pair of leather bespoke Oxford shoes with a red or green tie for a pop of color.

It can help to break up the full suiting and rock the suit jacket with jeans or tailored pants in white or navy. Just match the brown of your jacket with your belt and shoes. A matching brown Chelsea boot can look very dapper when paired with dark, fitted indigo jeans and a white button up for that meeting with clients or grabbing drinks with your lady friend.

5. Burgundy

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I don’t know about you, but there is just something sexy about a burgundy suit. The color is flattering on so many skin tones and adds a certain je ne sais quoi that will have you turning heads for all the best reasons. 

If you are rocking a lighter burgundy color, think cranberry, embrace a tonal story with a pink button up and pocket square. For a more formal feeling, pair a darker burgundy suit jacket with black trousers and black velvet loafers, and if it’s cold enough, a black turtleneck.

6. Casual

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Keeping it casual has a relatively easy formula which includes limiting ties and pocket squares or just forgoing them altogether. Wearing your suit jacket or blazer with a t-shirt, polo, or button up that is not buttoned all the way up shows ease of wear.

Footwear is also important here although it can vary. If you are wearing a tailored ankle pant, a pair of white Stan Smith’s or Veja’s is a nice juxtaposition. And vice versa if you are wearing jeans; a nice clean white sneaker works, but so does rocking a brown leather Oxford or a nice loafer. Just don’t show up to a formal wedding in this attire. Casual suiting is most appropriate for the office, meetings, casual dinners with friends, and dates.

7. Classy

Classy Suit Jackets

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ASOS may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you are thinking “classy” but they have an assortment of suit jackets from silk to wool to gaberdine in a variety of patterns and fits that no one will be the wiser when they wonder where your wardrobe came from. Texture keeps your clothing from being basic, so try their boucle suit with a crosshatched pattern and skinny-fit trousers.

If you need a designer label to feel classy, you are not alone. Also, your options are almost limitless. Maison Margiela’s wool-crepe constructed suit with satin-faced wide peaked lapels is dark, fitted, tough, and ridiculously luxurious.

8. Coats

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When the weather gets cooler and it gets darker earlier, a coat becomes non-negotiable. Black and camel are the ideal colors if you are wanting to invest in a coat that correlates with most of your wardrobe. A single-breasted wool trench is versatile for when you want to be classy or casual. 

A double-breasted pea coat is another great option if you are wanting something a bit shorter than a trench, but the lapels and fabrication still make a pea coat versatile.

9. Indian

Indian Suit Jackets 2

Navy Blue Woven Art Silk Indo Western Sherwani available from

Indian Suit Jackets 3

Purple Embroidered Readymade Bandhgala Jodhpuri Suit available from

Indian Suit Jackets 1

A Jodhpuri suit or Bandhgala suit is a formal suit from India. It originated in the Jodhpur State, hence the name. It consists of a coat and trousers, sometimes accompanied by a vest, and is considered suitable for occasions such as weddings and other formal gatherings.

They follow some of the same rules as a regular suit – the jacket can be paired with the matching pants as a set or worn with different trousers to change up the look. Not only does a Jodhpuri jacket look distinguished and dapper af, but it does not require a button up, tie, or pocket square. Yay!

10. Jeans

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Taking the most formal of suit jackets and throwing it over jeans and a t-shirt is a great way to get as much use out of your wardrobe as possible while still looking amazing and stylish. Maybe stay away from lighter, distressed denim, but also, if you can put a look together and those jeans work for you, then do it. There are no real fashion rules anymore. In the wise words of one Eric Cartman from South Park, “I do what I want!” Just do it with unapologetic confidence.

11. Patterned

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Pinstripe, cross-hatched, paisley, and plaid, oh my! Regardless of whether you are wearing a full suit or taking your suit jacket and pairing it with other pieces, a pattern always adds interest. If your jacket pattern involves multiple colors, pick one to match the rest of your look. Par example, a camel-colored suit jacket in a plaid pattern with black and burgundy, wear a burgundy shirt underneath and a matching pocket square with black trousers or jeans and black shoes. Easy peasy.

12. Three Piece

Three Piece Suit Jackets 1Three Piece Suit Jackets 2Three Piece Suit Jackets 3

A three-piece suit is typically reserved for more formal situations but you can also break up the pieces and make them more versatile. The vest holds everything in place, looks sharp, and really brings the whole look together whether you are planning to wear it to an event or to an important meeting. The vest and jacket combo also really works when paired with nice denim for a slightly more casual feel.

13. Unique

Unique Suit Jackets 2

Casual Tailored Suit Jacket Short Sleeve available from

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Men’s Slim-Fit Bright Red Velvet Double-Breasted available from

Unique Suit Jackets 1

If it’s not standard, it’s unique. Duh. So, changing up the color, such as a dusty pink corduroy two-piece suit from Drake’s or a violet leisure suit-esque suit jacket from Paul Smith are both cool ways to switch it up. Or, if you want something different from the classic suiting in terms of fit, try something a bit more avant-garde such as a cinched waist jacket and wide leg pants in a sage green from ASOS

Alexander McQueen, normally known for its dark, gothic, romantic design style, has taken to channeling a lighter feel, both in color and fabrication, as of late. Try the powder blue single-breasted suit with romantic tailoring to give your typical male silhouette a more gentle and whimsical approach.

14. Wedding

Wedding Suit Jackets 1Wedding Suit Jackets 2Wedding Suit Jackets 3

For a typical wedding, formality tends to be the name of the game. This day is not about you, so it’s best to stick to more traditional colors and fits. It is up to you, and the formality of the event, as to whether you want to stick to a two-piece, add the vest for a three-piece, or break up the suit and pair your favorite jacket with your favorite trousers.

15. Winter

Winter Suit Jackets 1Winter Suit Jackets 2Winter Suit Jackets 3

If someone tells you that a suit can be worn year-round, that is a person that cannot necessarily be trusted. Wool, flannel, tweed, corduroy, and cashmere work better in cooler months than they do in the heat of summer. Preferred winter colorways tend to be navy, charcoal, dark brown, or camel as well as red, forest green, or purple, resulting in a plum, burgundy, mossy, or oxblood hue that’s impactful, but not brash. If need be, throw on your wool, trench, and a scarf and head out the door.

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