There’s something so satisfying about decluttering and giving your closet a good ol’ spring clean

Whether it’s finally parting ways with that one dress you never wore or having a serious detox on all those club outfits you wore in college, sometimes you need to take the time to create some wardrobe space.

Thankfully there are plenty of places to donate in the DMV area where your much-loved clothing will be given good use.

If you’ve got plenty of clothes and old goodies to donate, here are some fantastic charities in the area to take them off your hands to give them to a good home.
1. Bread for the City
If you’re wondering where to donate clothes in DC, Bread for the City is a great place to start.

The charity is always accepting seasonally appropriate men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing. This also includes shoes and winterwear provided they’re in decent condition.

Bread for the City also looks out for books, hats, unused toiletries, and small household items should you have any suitable bits and pieces lying around that you need to get rid of. Toy donation is always appreciated too.

Other miscellaneous items that Bread for the City accept include hanger stackers, disposable gloves, bins, and trash bags. These items are necessary for the organization to run their clothing center efficiently.

So how does the clothing center work? Well, those in need of clothes or household items can sign up for a time slot to visit the center. They have a time slot of 15 minutes once a week and during this period they can ‘shop’ for clothes and items they need for themselves or family members.

It’s a very successful method of giving, and the center reportedly has over 1,000 visits each month.

If you’re looking to donate old clothes, Bread For The City is one of the best places to donate in the Washington DC area.
2. A Wider Circle
A Wider Circle is a charity providing basic need items to families struggling with homelessness or domestic abuse situations. The goal of the charity is to assist families to start afresh with dignity, hope, and support.

If you have baby and toddler items to donate, these are particularly useful for the charity. Baby essentials appreciated include strollers, high chairs, changing tables, car seats, cribs, and clothing. These pieces can greatly enhance the lives of vulnerable families in DMV.

A Wider Circle also employs a professional development program to help and encourage people to enter the workforce. As part of the scheme, the charity helps people dress smartly for job interviews and starting new roles.

This means A Wider Circle also needs plenty of donations of smart and professional business wear to continue the program successfully. If you have any smart work wear or professional items in good condition, A Wider Circle is one place where they’ll be used and appreciated.

The following items are always needed: suits, separate suit pieces, dress shirts, blouses, smart dresses, briefcases, belts, shoes, ties, and purses. These pieces are requested clean and on hangers.

Who knows, you may be helping someone in need get their next big job!
3. Suited for Change
Suited for Change offers a similar scheme to A Wider Circle. However, the organization instead focuses on helping and empowering women who are joining the workforce or have been recently employed who require professional clothes donations DC. These women are often low-income or need financial help, so the charity works to improve their employment and job potential.

The way the program works is that women sign up to meet with a personal stylist who assists them in finding everything they need to wear, free of charge.

For the scheme to run smoothly and efficiently, Suited for Change requires new and good condition professional clothing and accessories donated by members of the public, like you!

The most urgent requirements include smart handbags, shoes size 10 and up, black blazers size 14 and up, blouse size 14 and up, and appropriate earrings and necklaces. For a full list of items Suited for Change require, have a look at their website.
4. Green Drop
Green Drop is a system that works with many charities to convert donated items into money for families in need. These organizations include the American Red Cross, the Military order of the Purple Heart, the National Federation of the Blind, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia.

With the donation of items such as clothing, shoes, blankets, bedding, tools, kitchenware, children’s toys, electronics, and sporting goods you can help improve the lives of affected families in the DMV.

To check drop-off locations around DMV or to arrange a pick-up, check out the Green Drop website.
5. Interfaith Works Clothing Center
Interfaith Works Clothing Center is based in Rockville, Maryland. Like Bread for the City, their scheme is set up like a clothing shop so that low-income and vulnerable families can visit the center and ‘shop’ for clothing and homeware they need. This is all free of charge.

The center accepts any pieces of clothing in good, clean condition whether they’re for men, women, or children. Non-clothing items that are appreciated too include adult diapers, strollers, car seats, dishes, linens, blankets, bedding, and towels.  
Places to Donate to Improve the Lives of Others
By having a thorough clear-out and declutter session of your bedroom and other areas of the home, not only are you clearing up space for yourself, but you can donate and improve the lives of others.

These places to donate are all great charities to give your unwanted, good-condition clothes and homeware and the items and funding are sure to go to great use.

To improve your storage organization even further, why not consider a custom closet design? Check out our services for a tidy and compact way of living. Say goodbye to clutter once and for all!

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