These Yeezy Slide Dupes are Worth the Double Take

From the moment Adidas debuted Yeezy slides back in 2019, the ideal of cool went under a  paradigm shift. The original price for Yeezy Slides was $60, however, resellers are charging up to $700 and up for a pair. Crazy, right? Well, if you have Yeezy slides on your “must buy” list, but can’t rationalize paying triple the original cost, welcome to the land of Yeezy slide dupes.

According to HypeBeast, the next Yeezy slide drop is in December. The “Ochre” Yeezy slide is a two-tone orange slide that will sell on the Adidas site for $60.


There’s another printed Yeezy slide that will also be dropping sometime before the end of year, says Footwear News. Here’s the mock up.



And here’s what the real ones are going for today:

Adidas Yeezy Slides

These brown Yeezy slides are brand new, unworn and are made of rubber. They came to FarFetch via a top sneaker resale site. Believe it or not, even at that price, the stock is low a people are snapping them up fast.

Adidas-Yeezy-Slides Buy: Adidas Yeezy Slides $756.00

You don’t have to go crazy attempting to snag those new Yeezy slides. We did a deep dive into the world of Yeezy slide dupes and found the best, ahem, style twins that you can add to your footwear collection. And some of the more fantastical looking Yeezy dupe slides look very similar to the above ones that will be dropping next month or so.

Seriously, there’s an entire cottage industry set up for creating Yeezy slide dupes that look just like the original; and they’re a fraction of the price.  Some Yeezy slide dupes are called either “pillow soft sandals” or “cloud cushion soles” but you know what they’re actually talking about. These Yeezy slide dupes come in all of Yeezy’s colors and then some. Honestly, the prices of Yeezy slide dupes are so good, that you could end up with an entire wardrobe of them, and the cumulative price of that shopping blitz wouldn’t come close to what you’d pay on those famous reseller sites.

Here are the best of the best of Yeezy slide dupes you can scoop up today.


1.  FMall Pillow Slides

How close do these Yeezy slide dupes resemble the real thing? One reviewer posted pics of his Yeezy slides next to his Yeezy slide dupes, and you can’t tell the difference…and neither could he! “These are EXACTLY like real Yeezy slides.”

FMALL pillow slides, yeezy slide dupes Buy: FMall Pillow Slides $36.99

2.  SHEIN Men’s Minimalist Slides

One of the many reasons why we use SHEIN in a lot of our roundups, is that they create style twins that look exactly like the higher-priced originals. Their slides could easily pass for Yeezys as you walk down the street, making these a great dupe for those who are looking to save some cash.

SHEIN minimalist slides, yeezy slide dupes


Buy: SHEIN Men’s Minimalist Slides $15.00

3. Ali Express Men’s Slippers

Ali Express is one of those shopping sites where you can find hommages for every designer item ever made. These Yeezy slide dupes are insanely priced, come in four colors and sizes run up to 15.

Ali-Express-Mens-slippers Buy: Ali Express Men's Slippers $11.90

4. Miscloder Unisex Pillow Slide Sandal

Yes, these guys actually use the words “Yeezy Slides” in their description, and reviewers love them. One wrote, “People think they’re the real deal.” They’re unisex, come in six solid colors and two prints.

Miscloder unisex pillow slide sandal, Yeezy slide dupes


Buy: Miscloder Unisex Pillow Slide Sandal $11.90


5. SHEIN Minimalist Wide Width Slides

Guys with wide feet can also enjoy a pair or two of the Yeezy slides dupe craze. SHEIN has them in two colors, black and a light gray.

SHEIN minimalist slides, yeezy slide dupes


Buy: SHEIN Minimalist Wide Width Slides $30.00

6. Zara Jetfoam Slides

Zara’s Yeezy dupe slides come in an array of pastel and bright hues. This pair has the same side peek-a-boo window as one of Yeezy’s slide sandal styles.

Zara foam sandals, yeezy slide dupes


Buy: Zara Jetfoam Slides $29.90

7. Equick Slippers

On Sale

Currently on sale, these Yeezy dupe slides are unisex, and this brand offers 10 different colorways.

Equick slide slippers, yeezy slide dupes


Buy: Equick Slippers $18.69 (orig. $29.99) 38% OFF

8. LitFun Platform Pillow Slide

With over three thousand ratings, LitFun’s Yeezy dupe slides could be considered the originator of this fantastical footwear dupe trend. They do come in neutral and funky hues.

LitFun platform pillow slide, yeezy slide dupes


Buy: LitFun Platform Pillow Slide $22.99

9. KitinJoy Unisex Pillow Sandal

Made with an EVA rubber sole, this style is one of the most popular Yeezy Slide Dupes. Wearers rave about the comfort and ease of wearing them in and out of the house.

KitinJoy Unisex pillow sandal, Yeezy slide dupes


Buy: KitinJoy Unisex Pillow Sandal $19.99


10. Smiry Unisex Pillow Slide Sandals

Possibly one of the best deals on the ‘net, these Yeezy slide dupes are unisex and come in eight different colors.

Smiry-Unisex-Pillow-Slide-Sandals Buy: Smiry Unisex Pillow Slide Sandals $17.99

11. Modenna Unisex Pillow Slides Sandals

So, these Yeezy slide dupes kinda resemble Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm AKA The Thing, but if you’re into a 3D effect in footwear, these slides are it. Lightweight and flexible, they come in 11, yes, 11 colors.

modenna-pillow-slide-yeezy-slide-dupe Buy: Modenna Unisex Pillow Slides Sandals $12.88

Fake Yeezy Slide Dupe Collabs

While Yeezy hasn’t yet done a slide collab with an artist or another designer, that hasn’t stopped the makers of Yeezy dupe slides from letting their imagination go wild.


12. Rosyclo Pillow Slide Sandals

It’s the dead Elmo Yeezy slide dupe! Yes, it does look like something KAWS would create, but he didn’t. Tell your peeps that this is Yeezy’s newest collab.

Rosyclo-Pillow-Slide-Sandals Buy: Rosyclo Pillow Slide Sandals $34.99

13. Taiyanyu Thick Soled Unisex Slippers Pattern C

These Yeezy slide dupes have serious street art cred.

Taiyanyu-Thick-Soled-Unisex-Slippers-Pattern-C Buy: Taiyanyu Unisex Slippers Pattern C $19.39


14. Taiyanyu Thick Soled Unisex Slippers Pattern A

Yeezy and Spongebob on a slide? Why not! These Yeezy dupe slides are a bit tweaked looking, but that’s meant in a good way.

taiyanu-spongebob-yeezey-slide-dupes Buy: Taiyanyu Unisex Slippers Pattern A $19.39

15. Ierisf Unisex Pillow Slide Sandals

Chicken heads, fish and graphics run wild over this artistic pair of Yeezy dupe slides.

Ierisf slide sandals, yeezy slide dupes


Buy: Ierisf Unisex Pillow Slide Sandals $38.99

16. SHEIN Men Plant Graphic Slides

The internet is rife with rumors of Yeezy creating print and pattern slides, this pair of Yeezy dupe slides are ahead of the fashion curve.

SHEIN men plant graphic slides, yeezy slide dupes


Buy: SHEIN Men Plant Graphic Slides $19.99

17. Bandini Black and Ivory Graffiti Unisex Slides

It’s as if Never 2501 and Yeezy decided to create something wild together.

bandini-pillow-slides-yeezy-slide-dupes Buy: Bandini Black and Ivory Graffiti Unisex Slides $39.99