This Group Is Dedicated To Cringeworthy T-Shirts From Facebook Ads, Here Are 68 Of The Worst

Isn’t it cool when you see an online advert with exactly what you’re looking for? It feels like a product was made just for you, or least, marketed directly to you. It could be something that you’re after: maybe a new jacket or a pair of sneakers.

Once in a while, you might see an advert for a product that has been tailored very specifically to someone. Not necessarily you or a general crowd, just... someone.

Here’s where r/TargetedShirts comes into the picture. Users have shared their screenshots and IRL encounters of t-shirts with oddly-specific slogans. Perhaps you’re born in April, like caramel frappucino’s and have an anger problem—well, there’s a t-shirt targeted at you for that. 

And the slogans on the t-shirts carry a similar theme throughout: they’re often crass, confrontational and in-your-face. The idea is encapsulated perfectly in the self referential parody t-shirt: “Weirdly specific shirt that mentions my birth month and is vaguely threatening for no reason”.

Here’s our favorite picks for the weirdest, cringiest t-shirts that have been made in mind for, well, someone that wants them.

#1 Self Referential Parody

Image credits: thodges314

#2 Gotta Go Fast

Image credits: mielmami

#3 Proud Owner Of This Bad Boy

Image credits: hallowbeeb

#4 Ran Into My Brother Randomly Out Shopping And He Was Wearing This Beauty. He Has Only One Cat

Image credits: bsurfn2day

#5 I'm Not A Mycologist But This Is Probably One Of The Best Targeted Shirts I've Seen

Image credits: Plutonium-Lore

#6 Um Ok

Image credits: mod_mad

#7 Now This Is One I Would Buy...

Image credits: Falom

#8 My Sister Turned 30 In June And I Saw My Chance And Took It. Even If She’ll Never Wear It I Have No Regrets

Image credits: maiaiam

#9 Jimothy?

Image credits: ex1machina

#10 Smallest Target On Here

Image credits: BeanMachine0

#11 Fico Yeah!

Image credits: IronicMerman

#12 My Sister Got My Dad A Present

Image credits: Kostrom

#13 Sometimes He Kicks Me, If You Don’t Like It Move

Image credits:

#14 Found This At A Thrift Shop

Image credits: PurpleCoco

#15 I Caught My Friend Wearing This Today

Image credits: JustinHendricks

#16 My Friend Gave Me This Shirt. I Can’t Tell Her I Would Never Dream Of Wearing It Outside Of The House

Image credits: Kstarkiller

#17 My Mom Texted Me This Photo Today. Before You Ask - Yes, He Made This For Himself

Image credits: nadineleee

#18 Actual Shirt Owned By Actual FB Friend

Image credits: BuridansAscot

#19 My Real Life Aunt And Her Real Life Shirt

Image credits:

#20 I Am A Living Donor And Blindly Donated My Kidney To A Child. I Got To Meet Him Yesterday

Image credits: greenirishsaint

#21 Shirt My Buddy Wore To A Get Together The Other Day. You'll Never Guess Who Bought It For Him...

Image credits: TipperTheMorningToYa

#22 A Gift From My Boyfriend

Image credits: piss-sink

#23 Found This At Goodwill And Bought It Of Course

Image credits: ImperialArsholeKid

#24 Never Thought It Would Happen: Someone I Know Irl Actually Received And Is Wearing One!

Image credits: AnnaPea

#25 MIL Bought This For My Wife

Image credits: Amybo82

#26 Ok....

Image credits: harleyyydd888

#27 Found One At Disney World

Image credits: monsterscribbles

#28 Seen On Livepd. Hell Yeah.

Image credits: danielletheboss

#29 Where My Welder Mom's At??

Image credits: fear445

#30 Man, This One Really Takes You Places

Image credits: notyourproblem1

#31 This Is It...

Image credits: greezystrangler

#32 My Wife Obviously Hates Me... A Christmas Present

Image credits: unclekody

#33 Recently Went Through A Rough Breakup, And My Dad Unironically Bought This For Me To Cheer Me Up. Made Me Laugh Pretty Hard, But I Genuinely Appreciate The Support. Love You Dad.

Image credits: mawrgan

#34 Saw On Facebook

Image credits: Koraxtheghoul

#35 My Wife And I Love This Sub, So For Father’s Day She Made Me This Shirt

Image credits:

#36 My Boss Bought This For His Girlfriend And She Was Flaunting It On Instagram

Image credits: beerlightpunk

#37 A Friend Got Me My Favorite Birthday Present

Image credits: orthofort

#38 One Of My Bar Regulars Waited 84 Years For His 21st Birthday! Happy Birthday Fred!

Image credits: Murraymurstein

#39 I Have One Of The Shirts Posted Here The Other Day! It's One Of My Favorites In My Wardrobe

Image credits: Pooblbop

#40 My Little Brother’s T-Shirt

Image credits: Hyper_ZX

#41 I Finally Own One Of These Nightmares

Image credits: Chicagogospel

#42 Mystery

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#43 My Order Got Mixed Up And I Got This Beauty

Image credits: SkulpH

#44 My Boss Bought This For Himself

Image credits: Shock_Hazzard

#45 Wife’s Late Xmas Gift Arrived For Me. Was Hoping For A Cable Or Pedal, But Got A Targeted Shirt

Image credits: OK_Compooper

#46 Couldn’t Get Much More Targeted Without A Social Security Number On It

Image credits: dcohen9

#47 Makes Me Embarrassed To Be A Fellow Mechanic

Image credits: 64strokeDC

#48 I Am In Love!!

Image credits: Cattreddit

#49 I Found One In The Wild!

Image credits: flashbulbsburst

#50 "Where’d You Get The Shirt, Mom?” “Facebook!”

Image credits: chezzietaylor

#51 My Entry That I Got On Amazon A Few Months Ago, Complete With A Typo

Image credits: PaintTheWatermelon

#52 I Found This Gem At Goodwill, Not Rly Sure Who Sharon Is

Image credits: dagmar_7

#53 My Prized Possession

Image credits: JeffProbstsHat

#54 Dewskis, Papa Roach, And Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Image credits: olivegardengambler

#55 Cicada Sexfest

Image credits: TallPaul2828

#56 My Dad's Shirt

Image credits: ben_macca1999

#57 First Time Seeing One Of These In Real Life!

Image credits: Lunachick182

#58 Cringy Shirt Out In The Wild

Image credits: BigAssPizzaPocket

#59 Got Both Shirts For Myself And My Daughter

Image credits: d_trump29

#60 Blue Cheese

Image credits: such_dependent

#61 Grumpy Old September Man

Image credits: metalcockrising

#62 This Is The Best $0.49 I’ve Ever Spent

Image credits: rancidcum

#63 My Parents Got Me This For My Birthday

Image credits: Lilslysapper

#64 Friend Of Mine Had A Real Gem On His Instagram Story. “Any Vertebrate With Offspring” Killed Me

Image credits: thefuchsiaisnow

#65 My First Entry To This Sub

Image credits: Ducknana

#66 Posted By A Cousin On Facebook

Image credits: Jayyne

#67 Facebook Delivered Today

Image credits: nano_rocket

#68 Simple Yet Effective

Image credits: larfucke