This week’s fix: repairing a moth-eaten jumper

Have the moths been feasting on one of your beloved jumpers? Fret no more, in the first of a new series we ask the experts to help sort out your wardrobe favourites

We all know the feeling. You dig out one of your favourite jumpers only to find that the moths have had a field day and filled it with holes. Don’t panic. In the first of a new series on repairing and upcycling treasured items instead of throwing them away, we try out a woollens mending service to solve the problem.

The Raf Simons jumper above belongs to one of our colleagues who carefully stores her knitwear at the end of the winter in vaccum-packed bags in her loft. But when she pulled this one out she discovered, despite her best efforts at prevention, that it had been ravaged by moths – four 10p-size holes across the front. After following advice from English Heritage to freeze the jumper for two weeks to kill the moth larvae we took the holy knit to our knitwear shoot where one of the Seam’s makers, Georgia de Castro Keeling breathed new life into sweater.

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