This year went by so quickly that I almost forgot that it’s time for the new IKEA catalogue for 2021

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

And this year’s edition is a little special as it marks its 70th birthday! (If you’ve not browsed the amazing archive of yesteryear catalogues, please click this link.)

For 2021, IKEA turned the catalogue into an inspirational handbook full of budget-friendly tips, hands-on ideas, new exciting products and familiar favourites. Think of it as a handbook for a better everyday life at home!

“Life at home has never been as important as it is today. We know that to most people living is synonymous with small space living. It’s not always a choice or just a temporary thing. More people have even more limited budgets today. That’s why most of the solutions featured in this year’s catalogue are accessible for people with small budgets and for small spaces” says Caroline Hjertström, Range Communication Manager, IKEA Communications.

The images are from the Canadian version (so please note the prices are in CAD) as it’s still “almost here” in the US.

But first, let’s take a look at the homes.

Small, budget friendly homes in the IKEA Catalogue 2021

I usually get a lot of inspiration just studying how the rooms are styled and I expect no less this year. The 2021 IKEA catalogue features 6 different homes.

Home #1: Living light

The first one is a bright, breezy small studio for a couple’s who is just starting out. This one is all about budget and flexibility. And IKEA features some “pack up & leave anytime” items like the VUKU plastic wardrobe, the more affordable KNOXHULT kitchen range.

Home #2: Back to basic small apartment

Then, a one bedroom apartment for a family of four. An almost all-white space, packed to the brim. Space is tight but they make it work hard.

The room is transformed (pic below) when they move the dining table away and it becomes a living room.

IKEA further states, “The best thing about this home’s simple white base is that it’s easy (and affordable) to update, with nothing more than textiles and accessories.” Amen to that.

Home #3: Rental makeover before baby arrives

Next up is a dark, earthy one room rental for a pair of new parents. I love the mood in here — the black accents and wood throughout.

The catalogue also describes a few basic steps they took to update their home: plan, furnish, improvise, prioritise, think long-term and refresh.

Home #4: Big warm, welcoming

After three smaller homes, IKEA moves on to a 3-bedroom home, full of hustle and bustle. With two parents and three kids, this calls for next level organisation.

The LINDBYN mirror is gorgeous and can be hung vertically or horizontally. It also comes in rectangle, square and round.

Home #5: Smart studio

Then, IKEA goes back to a compact apartment for one. But this is not just a home, it’s a side hustle hub. Obviously, taking its cue from current work from home trend.

The kitchen is to die for. So is the living room / bedroom that overlooks the patio.

I’m obsessed with the new IVAR doors — the bamboo weave as well as the grey mesh versions. A lovely refreshing touch for the tested and true IVAR.

Home #6: Shared space

Last in the list is a two in one household. In this case, a bachelor rents a room from a family. Again, a lot of storage tips and inspiration in this home.

Of the 6, which home catches your fancy? Tell us below.

Next week, we’ll talk about the How-to portions of the IKEA Catalogue 2021.

View the IKEA CA Catalogue online.

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