Three BMW models to look out for in 2020

Alongside your wardrobe and the home you own, the car you drive is perhaps the next biggest statement when it comes to your personal brand.

While we write a great deal about exotic performance cars at Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, we do not advise taking your daily commute in a Lamborghini – save that for holidays abroad and track days.

But what about your weekday wheels? In our view, you cannot go wrong with a premium German brand like BMW. Whether you’re buying new, or simply fixing up your classic Beamer through the website, there has never been a better time to go Bavarian.

Being known as an innovator at the cutting-edge of the automotive industry is a double-edged sword. While the BMW brand stands solidly as one of the best-regarded manufacturers in Europe, that also comes with expectation.

The luxury vehicle industry has never been more competitive, with manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz leading the way in the global market. This has resulted in, among other things, the Bavarian company’s takeover of the British icon, the Mini, at the turn of the century, as well as hefty investment and research focus into electric vehicle technology.

Despite volatility in many of BMW’s key markets, largely due to political uncertainty in, for example, the United States and Great Britain, sales are on the up.

To be honest, it’s hard not to see why. BMW’s proposed crop of new vehicles to hit the market in 2020 is as good as any in recent history. Not convinced? Read on below for our stand-out selections on the market.
The Z4

Who said that car manufacturers could not collaborate? The BMW Z4, which is on the market now, but expected to receive a tune-up in 2020, is the product of a sort-of-partnership with Japanese powerhouse Toyota, who wanted to revive its much-loved but commercially unviable Supra model.

The Tokyo-based company had a problem – although the Supra was revered in pop culture, movies and video games, its sales had plummeted, largely due to the astronomical production and retail cost. By utilising the raft of industry-leading engineering resources at BMW’s disposal, Toyota was able to produce its latest Supra at a price that people might actually be able to afford.

BMW’s sweetener, though, was the production of the Z4. A sporty, drop-top roadster that compares favourably, even against its sister-vehicle, the Supra, as well as the offerings of Porsche and Mercedes.

The vehicle has been on the market for a little while now, but, with a little upgrade expected to drop next year, expect big things from the Z4.

If you fancy something a little sporty, she could be for you.
The 2020 4 Series

OK, so, we’re taking a punt here, as the final version of the 4 Series, due to launch in 2020, has not been released yet. But, what we do know, from BMW’s prototypes, is that it is going to be a looker.

The 4 Series first came to life in 2013, making it one of the Bavarian manufacturer’s youngest models. Borne from the template of the 3 Series, the executive vehicle has been available in coupe, convertible or fastback models. But, truth be told, the 2013 aesthetic has begun to look quite tired.

I’m not telling you anything that BMW does not already know. For the past few years, they have been putting the work into a new design that offers a chunky and more sporty aesthetic – complete with the much-larger front grilles that are beginning to become a bit of a BMW staple.

The car, perhaps a more versatile option than the Z4, is expected to launch at some point next year – with a baseline price of £35,000 – though you should expect to pay around £10,000 more than that if you want all the mod-cons and enhanced specifications.
The iX3

It can be difficult to offset the desire to purchase a sexy and sporty German automobile with an environmental conscience. Often, it is impossible. However, BMW has spent some serious research and development capital in bridging the gap between the eco-warrior and the speed freak.

It’s also doing its bit for families – and it is launching what will be its second fully-electric vehicle in the summer of 2020. The iX3 is an almost exact aesthetic replica of BMW’s ever-popular X3 SUV, although it is powered exclusively by two electric motors – one for each axle.

It is no slouch, either, with each motor expected to generate around 270bhp, and a near-250 mile battery, going green has never been so convenient.

All images used in this article credit: BMW
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