Top 10 Favorite Things I’ve Blogged About

I wrote a post like this last March, so I thought it would be interesting to update this list because my top 10 favorite items have changed quite a bit. Is it because I’ve blogged about so many more new items or is it because as a human I always will love the new and the exciting? Well there are some repeats on here and I’d be interested to see how much this list will change/stay the same again next year.

ES Mara Jumpsuit + Celine Soft Cube Bag

1) Elizabeth Suzann Mara Jumpsuit (reviewed here) in both silk and linen (no longer made): I bought the silk one used and loved it so much that I also got a linen one later when it went on “sale” over at ES. I wear both constantly and they’re such work horses in my wardrobe. See how one of my favorite grammers, mayetteraisa styles her Mara during the #fauxfall10x10 challenge.

2) Celine Soft Cube Bag (reviewed here): One of the most worn bag in my closet and I did a 100 wears later post here. Currently using this bag for my one month in Hawaii and I’m in love with this bag again. It’s the perfect size, minimal yet chic, and can be carried by hand or across the body. I will never give this bag up!

3) Augustinus Bader Rich Cream: I reviewed it here and I still love it (just started my third bottle for the year—it lasts me about 4 months). I’m officially an AB Cream addict and it’s an expensive habit (though I justify it by saying I buy about 3 bottles a year for a total of about $800 a year and that’s still less than microneedling treatments or any other cosmetic procedure). My skin texture has vastly improved and I suffer from far fewer pimples than I used to before the cream. It’s no wonder this is a favorite cream for lots of people.

Everlane Jacket, Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Dress, Everlane Day Heel Mule, Celine Seau Sangle

4) Everlane Modern Utility Jacket (reviewed here): I don’t talk about this jacket a lot and it was only featured once during a 10x10 challenge, but I looooove this jacket. As soon as the weather is cool enough I wear it everywhere. It’s also a great dog walking jacket since there are multiple pockets and it’s water resistant. This one has become a classic in my wardrobe.

5) Thinx Underwear (on last year’s list): Still love my Thinx. It came in handy during my difficult pregnancy with multiple bleeds and leaking amniotic fluid during the end of the pregnancy. I liked them so much I ordered another couple of them just recently and wrote a new review of them here.

6) Storq Easy Pants: Loved these when I was pregnant and love them now that I have fibroids. Basically these easy pants are the best thing when you don’t want a constricting waist band around your tummy. It’s like wearing PJs in public.

7) Lovevery Toys and Play Mat: Of course this is for Emi and not for me, but when baby’s happy and occupied Mama’s happy and otherly occupied. I love that she can play on the playmat for (cumulatively) hours a day, it’s easy to clean, and so well built. As for the toys, she still loves some of her toys from the 3-4 month box (and she’s 7 months now). I liked the toys so much I went ahead and purchased the 7-8 month box in anticipation of her growing tired of her first set of toys but that has yet to happen. I expect her to play with her new toys until she’s a year old!

8) PACT Underwear (also on last year’s list): My faves are the lace waistband ones and my original pairs have held up great. They’re comfy, well-made, well-priced and made from organic cotton. I don’t know what more you could want for reliable underwear!

9) Martiniano Glove Shoes: Aka the Bentley of flats. I love these shoes for their buttery leather that not only make them super comfy but oh so luxurious. Even after recently purchasing Chanel ballet flats (reviewed here), I think the Martiniano Glove shoes are above and beyond a more luxurious shoe.

10) A Zero Waste Shower Routine: Ok, so this isn’t just one thing but I’m pretty happy with my total zero waste shower routine. On those days I feel like I don’t measure up or I’m not doing enough, being able to feel like I’m making some kind of progress every time I shower is sometimes the little boost I need.

Anyway this post has also helped me reflect on all the various things I’ve tried on this blog and I’m so grateful for everyone who comes here to read what I’ve got to say. Thank you to all of you guys who say the nicest things about my reviews and who make writing this blog worth it!