Top RV Organization Hacks From IKEA

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Our Favorite IKEA Storage And Organization Products For RVers 

Nearly all RV manufacturers are finding ways to add better storage to the rigs they produce. Even with the best efforts of RV designers, storage space always seems to be at a premium in our RVs. However, RV storage solutions could be as close as your nearest IKEA store

IKEA is a well-known Swedish furniture store that has locations in many major cities throughout the US and Canada. Not only does IKEA sell furniture, but they also sell a lot of lightweight home organization products that work perfectly in an RV too. IKEA’s innovative designs make storing and finding things in the RV a whole lot easier. 

What if you don’t happen to have an IKEA store anywhere near you? First of all, don’t despair if there’s no IKEA in your area. You aren’t going to be stuck in RV organization chaos forever. IKEA makes it really easy to order most of their storage and organization products online. 

1. Variera trash can  

IKEA’s Variera trash can is super light and can easily be mounted anywhere in the RV. It has adhesive strips on the back, so no drill installation is necessary. It’s also possible to use screws (or zip ties) to securely mount the trash bin.   

The Variera trash bin could also store items such as children’s toys, shoes, or anything else you can think of.   

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2. IKEA Tisken basket/shower caddy

The lightweight Tisken corner basket/shower caddy mounts with an easy-to-use and secure mounting system. The sides of this shower caddy are high enough to hold items during travel. 

The basket is made of durable, smooth plastic and can be quickly removed from its mounts for deep cleaning. The bottom of this handy shower caddy has holes in it for drainage.

Tisken storage caddy on tiled walls containing soap, shampoo etc - RV organization hacks

3. Variera storage boxes

IKEA’s Variera storage boxes come in two sizes that fit in RV drawers or cabinets. These storage boxes keep small items like kitchen tools, spices, or condiments organized.  

storage in container

4. Parkla storage case

The Parkla storage case is a durable but soft-sided zip-up case that could be used to store clothing, bedding, dog jackets, and other items that aren’t always used on a regular basis in the RV. 

The storage case measures 22″ wide, 7″ high, and 19″ deep, so it lends itself to being stored under a bed or in RV storage bays.

Parkla storage case with roller blades and a helmet in it

5.  Skubb shelf clothing organizer

The Skubb clothing organizer can easily make shelf space in a closet. Velcro tabs are used to wrap around the wardrobe bar to hang it in place. Skubb measures 49 1/4″ long, 17 3/4″ deep, and 13 3/4″ wide.

Skubb 6 shelf clothing organizer on white background

6. Kungsfors mesh bag

A Kungsfors mesh bag can be used for containing toys, bath items, or even fruits and vegetables. Fruit can be bought and kept in Kungsfors bags, reducing plastic waste

The bags can conveniently hang from a wall hook and allow air to circulate, so fruit like apples or bananas stay fresh. The bags wash well in a washing machine, but they need to hang to dry.

Apples in Kunsfors mesh bag held by handle by man wearing jeans against a gray background - RV organization hacks


Some of IKEA’s storage and organization products are so perfect for RVs that it made me wonder if IKEA’s designers had RVers in mind. IKEA’s innovative storage hacks are generally really lightweight but still a decent quality.

Their space-saving designs are sometimes amazing. However, the best part of using IKEA’s products in the RV might be that most of them are really inexpensive. IKEA storage and organization products are definitely a good value that RVers should look at.  


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