‘Turning My Mom Into Me’: 55 Of The Most Surprising Transformations In This Viral TikTok Trend

Your age is just a number—all that really matters is how young you feel on the inside! But how we dress does affect how the people around us see us. Suddenly deciding to switch things up and dress according to the freshest fashion styles can make everyone’s jaws drop.

There’s a very fun and sweet new trend that’s spreading like wildfire all over the internet. TikTokers are dressing their moms up in their stylish clothes for the ‘turning my mom into me’ challenge, and then filming them showing off their new clothes as though they were on a catwalk. The transformations are stunning. And it just goes to show just how big of a role your clothes and makeup play in how old you appear.

Bored Panda has collected the most popular ‘turning my mom into me’ TikToks from around the globe to share with you, dear Pandas. Check them out below! Some of these videos have been watched tens of millions of times. You'll find the links to the full videos in the credits underneath each photo montage.

Upvote your faves, tell us what you think of the challenge, and let us know if you’ve ever dressed your parents up in your clothes.

There's a new trend on TikTok called 'turning my mom into me' and it's setting the internet on fire!



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The trend features moms walking into the room dressed in their regular clothes. Then, they walk out, and catwalk back in. This time, however, they’re wearing their daughters’ clothes, as they pose like supermodels.

TikTokers set their videos to American rapper Skee-Lo’s 1995 hit song, ‘I Wish.’ And it’s been stuck in our heads all day long.


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The ‘turning my mom into me’ trend is a reversal of the age-old trope where kids borrow their parents’ or older siblings’ clothes when they want to go out.

This time around, it’s the older folks who are getting the wholesome transformations.


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It turns out that with a few items of popular clothing, some trendy makeup, and a dash of confidence, you can make pretty much anyone look like they could be your friend’s sister, not their mother.

It’s hard to tell someone’s age when they deliberately dress young.


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Know Your Meme has already documented the rise of the trend, even though it’s a very new one. They attribute the initial inspiration of the challenge to TikToker @jasminfogeddd who posted a video where her dad dresses up in her brother’s clothes, set to ‘I Wish.’

However, the very first case of the ‘turning my mom into me’ trend is probably TikToker @malindahlgren0’s video. It uses the same format, but it switches the focus to the creator’s mom. 


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It’s often said that no matter what you wear, the very first thing you should put on before going out is your confidence. And there’s a lot of truth to that. You want to wear the clothes instead of letting them wear you. Your attitude matters.

If you exude confidence and flash a smile, you’re bound to look like you know what you’re doing. In turn, people will tend to look more favorably on what you wear.


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Stylish clothing is just part of the equation when it comes to looking fashionable. However, it still matters what you wear, not just with how much confidence you do so.

The fact is that nobody’s perfect and no one will ever be stylish 24/7. Fashion mistakes can and do happen all the time.


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What really helps in life is if you have friends, relatives, or acquaintances who can be open and honest with you about your fashion choices. And if you’re honest with them about their wardrobe, in turn, you’ve got a relationship that most people around the world would be jealous of.

It’s easy to compliment your friend when they look great! Things are far more difficult when they try on an outfit that looks atrocious or end up wearing something that you think doesn’t look flattering on them.


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It’s important to be diplomatic whenever you give your friends fashion advice. For example, if you think that their outfit doesn’t work, try to be subtle in mentioning that they might want to put on, say, a different dress. In short, try to be less critical and more gentle in your approach.


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However, at the end of the day, what truly matters is how the person feels wearing their outfit, not what others think. If they’re brimming with joy and grinning ear to ear, let them be happy with what they’re wearing. Keep an open mind because people have different tastes. Fashion is meant to be fun, after all! 


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Which of these TikTok transformations impressed you the most, dear Pandas? What do you think about the 'turning my mom into me' trend? Do you plan on filming a similar video when you go back home for the holidays? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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