Vodka Shikanji: Day11 of COVID Isolation

Shikanji is nothing but our very own desi version of a limeade. And Vodka makes it perfect. Vodka Shikanji is the drink you want this Friday!

Shikanji is nothing but our very own desi version of a limeade. Its tangy, sweet and spicy with a hit of pepper and supercooling especially during the summers. It can also be a perfect brunch drink. Just take it up a notch by spiking it with vodka (or any spirit of your choice) and you won’t know what hit you (pun intended).

Vodka Shikanji


Today is Day 11 of me being at home and Day 3 of India’s official lockdown. Yesterday was the first time in days I didn’t log my thoughts, I didn’t write a blog. I did share a recipe on Instagram as promised but that’s about it.

If you ask me, it was a bad day in all. Cabin Fever set in, I was irritated by anyone, everyone and everything. Mum and me had a small argument too. Work didn’t seem to go anywhere. Yeah, the usual frustrating cabin fever stuff. In the evening I craved every possible food on planet and that compounded the frustration at so many levels.

Honestly, I was this close to going on the phone and swiggying that Indian Chinese for comfort but decided against it and parked it as an extra special treat for a day when things are too bleak for even words or comfort. I made mum make me some besan seera and tried to watch the latest episode of This is US. This morning woke up feeling slightly better and in a far better mood. Took out a new dress that was in the corner of the wardrobe, put on some lipstick and decided to tackle work

And just like my grandma told me, the day today was much better. Got a lot of work done, chatted with a few friends. In case you are wondering what did my grandma say, it is dress up when you feel down. It has worked for me 80% of the times.

Vodka Shikanji

So coming back to a recipe a day, today is Friday and it is a day for Drink With Sinamon usually on Insta. I thought it will be a great idea to combine that will daily recipes and have a cocktail for next three weeks. Considering we are all running low on resources, I will try and keep them very basic.

The first one is Vodka Shikanji, the simplest that can happen in an Indian kitchen. Tastiest too!

And now without any delay, here is the recipe . If you make this,  share a picture with me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook? I would love to hear what you have to say about it.

Vodka Shikanji: Day11 of COVID Isolation
  1. Add all the ingredients in a blender and blitz it up. Strain if you want to get rid of the pepper residue before serving. Serve with more ice cubes. That's it actually. Have a good weekend at home people!

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