Wardrobe Talk: Team Up Western and Urban Style with Ariat

Wardrobe Talk: Team Up Western and Urban Style with Ariat

If you’re a fan of fashion and like to catch up with clothing trends, you’ve probably noticed by now how imperative comfort has become over the recent years. Activewear is the perfect example as it’s certainly been in the spotlight for quite some time now, dominating both the streets and social media with its simple and casual appeal.

Though it’s not alone – western wear has been sharing this spotlight, making it to the runways as much as the sidewalks with more celebrities, influencers, urbanites and high-fashion brands embracing fringe and embroidery detailing, and staple pieces like checkered shirts, straight cut jeans, and leather boots! Yes, the western trend is alive and well, and you too can go with the ‘yeehaw slash athleisure’ flow without putting in too much effort.

With options like the popular and timeless Ariat clothing and footwear garnering plenty of attention with the comfort, durability, and style they offer, you won’t have any difficulty spicing up your wardrobe with western flair teamed up with the low-key leisurewear. Nor would you have to break your bank!

Sweatpants Meet Cowboy Boots

Considering much of 2020 was marked by pandemic-related lockdowns and quarantines, and homes became our offices, gyms, spas and restaurants, it’s no surprise sweatpants dominated the fashion scene. Things aren’t too different this year even with COVID-19 measures loosening up, so you can safely place your bet on rugged comfort when reinventing yourself.

Perfect the art of casual ensembles a-la princess Diana, the queen of chic casual, with the pyjama-like relaxation of super-soft, figure-flattering fleece Ariat sweatpants tucked into a pair of classic cutting-edge, sneaker-comfort Ariat boots to ensure your feet are looked after as well. Taking into account their range is extensive, you can pick from fancy cowboy boots with embellishments, or staple casual cowboy designs in different lengths.

Once you have your pair, tuck the sweatpants nicely puffing over the boots, and you know you’ve nailed the style! And, to finish off the really cute and girly outfit without trying too hard, have fun matching these two staples with a cropped cardi for the top. Okay, if you’re puzzled as to why this has all the fashion set buzzing about, simply said it’s because it’s perfect for every day, all-day kind of wear.

In case you’re tired of the off-the-couch sweatpants by now, and you simply can’t imagine taking them to the streets, we get it – lucky for you, there are other Ariat clothing choices you could give a try for that casual-enough result. We’re thinking of high-waisted mum jeans, balloon leg jeans, and paperbag trousers worn with one of their sweatshirts with exceptional fit and pattern, or a stretch shirt for that desk-to-drinks combo.

About Hoodies and Blazers

These are two other pieces that are your typical opposites, with ruggedness on the one side, and class on the other, but you know what’s said about opposites right  (they attract!). On that note, you must have them in your wardrobe if you want to pull off the “urban western” trend with ease.

A quick search through the versatile collections of Ariat clothing Australia retailers would provide you with offers many results of stylish hoodies that cowboys and athletes alike share their love for. Designed to keep the body warm while also infusing your outfits with comfort, they’re just what you need to team up with those amazing boots when the days are chilly.

As for the blazers, they’re elements that prove to be crucial when establishing a cosy yet smart look, perfect for the stay-at-home office Zoom video calling, as much as for nights out when the lockdowns are over. Depending on how casual or chic you want to play with this trend, you can choose oversized blazers for a loose edgy fit or tailored style for a more body-flattering sophisticated outcome.

For inspiration, look for some photos of “It Girl” Hailey Bieber. You could also give your suit a less serious work look wearing it with your favourite hoodies, just remember not to use the top separately, as a substitute for blazers, otherwise you risk having it fade in colour faster than the pants.

Polishing the Look with Accessories

Just because the tendency is towards comfort doesn’t mean you should keep the outfits accessory-free. After all, these are the pieces that help you personalise your looks, so embrace them as your go-to elements when coming up with your day-to-day mix of country and leisure.

Start with the Headwear

You’ve got lots of options you can work with and it all comes down to whether you’re steering more towards western or casual. Anyone into embodying the real western feel should reach out for wide-brim high-crown classic cowboy hats. Vanessa Hudgens is a celebrity who’s managed to pull off the incredible combination of this type of headwear with sweatpants and cowboy boots. You can too!

On the cooler side, the iconic look of Lady Di consisting of blazer, tee, jeans, and baseball cap is also a nice example of simple design with a modern aesthetic. As for when the weather is cool, you can protect your head while making heads turn with unique winter accessories in the likes of beanies.

Move on to Bags, Girls’ Best Friends

As these are basic accessories, invest in quality such as that of leather handmade bag designs knowing they’d serve you time and time again. Though the latest tendency is towards smaller models, like those we had at the beginning of the ‘noughties’, you won’t be wrong in choosing something bigger either – or a design that matches that of your precious country boots.

Incorporate Jewellery

Now, when it comes to these accessories, you can channel Riri, the ultimate style icon, who’s into accessorising her hoodies and casual tops with oversized gold chains. If you aren’t into anything too flashy or attention-grabbing of the sort, why not try to accessorise your Ariat clothing with hoop earrings, trendy stud earrings, delicate bracelets, and lovely sterling silver rings?

When wearing stretch shirts, you’ve got the chance to embellish your outfits with western bolo ties, which are just as great worn over your regular T-shirts. Love neckerchiefs too? Why not mix them with the bolo ties for that ultrachic and customised result. This is sure to give you a western twist even to your most casual urban outfits.

Don’t Forget Belts

Lastly, the belts. Whether you like them big with eye-catching buckles, or delicate and not that ornate, it’s irrelevant, what’s essential for them all is they’re key elements when defining the waist and elevating your looks. This is true both for outfits with jeans and sweatpants, as much as jumpsuits and skirts, so don’t leave them out!  

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