We are living in unprecedented times

Love may conquer all, but unlike revolutions of yore or nation-uniting wartime, the coronavirus pandemic does not sweeten our time spent with loved ones. Instead, our unifying effort to contain and overcome the COVID-19 crisis requires that we remain physically distanced.

Weddings aren’t planned overnight. If you’ve ever coordinated one, you know how much time and effort it takes, meaning these are not typically events you cancel without a good reason. That’s why you send “save the date” notices many, many months in advance. But what about now? Should you still tie the knot on lockdown?

Answer the Obvious Question

Weddings are a celebration, traditionally involving lots of people. Current events make it morally challenging — and potentially even illegal — to ask a large group to gather. People might choose not to come even if you invite them, and you don’t want to put your friends and loved ones at risk. Whatever you decided to do, DO NOT go ahead with a large ceremony. You don’t want your wedding to be followed by a funeral.

So what’s a couple to do? There are a few feasible options that can help you brainstorm a solution.

Delay Your Special Day

These are extenuating circumstances. The conditions that make it hard to delay a wedding don’t take precedence over your loved ones’ health and safety. Most people can understand that.

If you’ve got guests traveling from far and wide, chances are their travel will be risky — and possibly canceled — due to the outbreak. They should be able to receive refunds on plane tickets, rental cars and more. But if having less than your full wedding party present is a deal-breaker for you, postponing your ceremony is the safest, simplest option. Keep in mind that a lot of people will be postponed, and it might be hard to find a venue.

Broadcast Your Wedding Bash

Couples who don’t want to wait until a resolution for COVID-19 arrives are resorting to technology to bring their celebration to the masses. If you’re the type who dreads the travel and dress-up routine of a wedding, this might be right up your alley! You can promote the wedding, have an online wedding countdown, hold the ceremony and celebrate all on a single online platform.

Through video-conferencing services like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Houseparty and more, tech-savvy couples are hosting lives-treamed weddings. Some have already come with very positive results. You’ll undoubtedly save on food and decorations, and perhaps your guests can put all that money they’d have spent on travel and wardrobe into a nicer wedding gift.

A wedding might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of technological ways to make the world a smaller place during social distancing. But if you and your significant other have your hearts set on a given date, a tech-savvy group of guests and a strong internet connection can make your dream a reality. Just make sure you hold a live-stream “rehearsal,” so those who’ve never used a webcam before don’t miss the big event.

Make the Best Decision for Your Day

You can hold a small wedding now or delay the ceremony until you can really kick off the festivities. Whichever choice you make, stay safe, and be prepared.

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