We’ve previously mentioned (quite a few times) how there is a return of what we’d like to call, real life dressing

Clothes that do exactly what they’re supposed to do: covering your body without having you second guess them.

This 1990s sensibility — one part utilitarian and the other still fashion forward– has not been lost with the Fendi Roma Holiday collection. Conceived for the Gen Z-ers to the boomers alike, it just needs one simple sentence to hook you in to giving up your card details.

It keeps the cheery shade of Fendi yellow, it’s made for modern living (fyi, there are reversible nylon windbreakers) and because it’s from the genius brain of Silvia Venturini Fendi herself, is the kind of democratic cool we can get behind.

Peep the K-Way® collboration parka from the Fendi Roma Holiday Collection, then focus on the backpack: it’s bumblebee toggle strings are subtle cool.

Slick suits, cozy everyday pieces and the iconic Fendi motifs, your party holiday season wardrobe is settled. All yours to cop today on Fendi’s site itself.

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