What The White Lotus gets wrong with Portia’s Gen-Z wardrobe

What The White Lotus gets wrong with Portia’s Gen-Z wardrobe

While almost all members of the cast are dripping in luxury, one fellow Gen Zer thinks the fashion choices of Haley Lu Richardson’s put-upon assistant stand out for all the wrong reasons

It’s hard not to hate the characters in The White Lotus, the HBO show set in a fictional luxury hotel chain in Sicily for the second season. They are rich and almost all attractive, and yet miserable; an unbearable combination. Each week, viewers jump between who the most insufferable guest is. Portia (Haley Lu Richardson), the Gen Z assistant to Tanya, Jennifer Coolidge’s impeccably played “psycho” boss, is top of many viewers list. Just out of college, whiny and addicted to doomscrolling on social media, she feels relatable, albeit a bit confused. Also receiving its share of the vitriol? Portia’s wardrobe.

From the outset, Portia’s clothes make her look out of place. Against the grandeur of the hotel she wears a knitted sweater vest covered in swans, paired with awkward length denim shorts. Her look jars even further when viewed alongside her employer, Tanya who wears a tight fitting floral printed dress from Dolce & Gabbana. Portia uses a backpack while Tanya carries the same bag throughout each episode, a bright pink Valentino shoulder bag with a noticeable gold logo.

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