Revolutionary Electric Spreader for Trucks and Utility Vehicles

The revolutionary electric spreader for trucks and utility vehicles offers a patented 3/4 cubic yard poly hopper and 12V DC-powered electric drive. This innovative solution reduces material waste, increases productivity, and provides in-cab control of auger and spinner speeds. The spreader features a polyethylene chute, 0.75 cubic yard capacity, and stainless steel auger, open trough, and spinner shield. Regular maintenance is essential, including inspections, cleaning, and greasing of moving parts. Explore the technical specifications, operating essentials, and maintenance requirements to discover how this game-changing technology can optimize your material spreading operations.

Key Takeaways

• This electric spreader features a patented double-wall 3/4 cubic yard poly hopper for efficient material handling and reduced waste.
• The 12V DC-powered electric drive ensures efficient spreading of bulk salt or 50/50 sand/salt mix, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
• Automated features like auger auto-reverse functionality reduce operator intervention, streamlining the spreading process and enhancing ease of use.
• The spreader's robust design and high-quality components, including a stainless steel auger, open trough, and spinner shield, ensure dependable spreading operations.
• Regular maintenance, including inspecting and cleaning the auger and spinner, is crucial for optimal performance and longevity of the electric spreader.

Key Features and Benefits

The electric spreader's patented double-wall 3/4 cubic yard poly hopper, paired with its 12V DC-powered electric drive, enables efficient and reliable spreading of bulk salt or 50/50 sand/salt mix.

This innovative design allows for cost savings through reduced material waste and increased productivity. The electric spreader's ease of use is further enhanced by its in-cab control of auger and spinner speeds, ensuring precise control over the spreading process.

Additionally, the spreader's automated features, such as the auger auto-reverse functionality, minimize operator intervention and maximize efficiency. By streamlining the spreading process, this electric spreader helps operators achieve cost savings and increased productivity, making it an ideal solution for truck and utility vehicle owners.

Technical Specifications and Details

Specifications of the electric spreader, including its polyethylene chute material and 0.75 cubic yard capacity, guarantee a precise and efficient spreading operation. The stainless steel auger, open trough, and spinner shield ensure durability and power efficiency.

Installation requirements are straightforward, with forklift slots for ease of loading. In the unlikely event of issues, troubleshooting is facilitated by detailed manuals and dedicated customer support.

The 12V DC-powered electric drive ensures reliable and efficient performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With its robust design and high-quality components, this electric spreader is built to last, providing a dependable solution for truck and utility vehicle owners.

Operating and Maintenance Essentials

Proper operation and regular maintenance are essential to guaranteeing the electric spreader's best performance, longevity, and safety. To achieve peak performance, it is vital to follow the recommended operating tips and troubleshooting techniques outlined in the user manual.

Here are some essential operating and maintenance essentials to keep in mind:

  1. Regularly inspect and clean the auger and spinner to prevent clogging and ensure even spreading.

  2. Check and maintain proper voltage to avoid motor damage and ensure efficient operation.

  3. Perform routine greasing of moving parts to reduce wear and tear.

  1. Store the spreader in a dry, protected area when not in use to prevent damage from the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Spreader Be Used for Other Materials Besides Salt and Sand?

While primarily designed for salt and sand, this spreader's material versatility allows for potential fertilizer application, but compatibility and performance with other materials require thorough assessment and testing to guarantee best results.

Are Replacement Parts Available for This Electric Spreader?

Regarding replacement parts, the manufacturer guarantees warranty coverage and spare availability for this electric spreader, providing customers with a complete support system for efficient and timely maintenance and repair.

Can I Install the Spreader on a Smaller Vehicle or Atv?

'Before installation, carefully consider your vehicle's towing capacity and clearance to guarantee a safe and compatible fit, as undersized vehicles or ATVs may compromise the spreader's performance and stability.'

How Often Should I Grease the Auger Bearings?

For peak performance, establish an auger maintenance routine, inspecting and greasing bearings every 50-75 hours of operation, or as needed based on environmental conditions, to prevent premature wear and guarantee reliable spreading performance.

Is the Spreader Compatible With Other Voltage Types Besides 12V Dc?

Regarding voltage compatibility, the 12V DC-powered electric drive can be adapted to other voltage types using voltage converters or power adaptors, ensuring seamless integration with various truck and utility vehicle electrical systems.