A serene, warmly lit living room with a plush, velvet-upholstered Viva Lift Metro chair prominently centered, surrounded by minimalist decor and a subtle, calming color palette.

Viva Lift Metro: The Ultimate Lift Chair

We've found the ultimate solution for comfort and independence - the Viva Lift Metro. This groundbreaking lift chair boasts an infinite-position design, contoured seat, and ultra-padded backrest for unparalleled support. With its power lumbar feature, full-width power headrest, and lithium battery back-up, relaxation just got a whole lot easier. Available in brown and grey fabrics, this chair is both stylish and comfortable. We're excited to explore its features and specs in more detail, and as we dig deeper, we'll uncover what makes the Viva Lift Metro the ultimate lift chair experience.

Key Takeaways

• The Viva Lift Metro offers infinite-position design, contoured seat, and ultra-padded backrest for ultimate comfort and support.
• The lift chair features a power lumbar feature and full-width power headrest for customized ergonomic support.
• It is designed to prioritize well-being, cradle the body, and provide rejuvenating experiences with its split seam back and two pillows design.
• The Viva Lift Metro is available in brown and grey fabrics, suitable for users between 5'4" and 6'0" with a weight capacity of 325 pounds.
• It comes with a Lithium Battery Back-Up, ensuring peace of mind, and is backed by thorough warranty coverage for added confidence.

Discover the Viva Lift Metro

We're thrilled to introduce the Viva Lift Metro, a groundbreaking infinite-position lift chair that's part of Pride Mobility's esteemed VivaLift! series, designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support.

As we explore the details, you'll uncover a thoughtfully crafted comfort design that prioritizes your well-being. The contoured seat and ultra-padded backrest work in harmony to cradle your body, while the split seam back with two pillows offers ergonomic support for your lower back.

We recognize the importance of relaxation, and the Viva Lift Metro's innovative design guarantees that every moment spent in this chair is a rejuvenating experience. With its focus on comfort and support, this lift chair is set to become your new sanctuary.

Features and Benefits Unveiled

As we settle into the Viva Lift Metro, we're surrounded by features that work in harmony to create the ultimate comfort experience, starting with the available brown and grey fabrics that set the tone for relaxation.

We appreciate the attention to detail in the contoured seat design, ultra-padded backrest, and split seam back with two pillows for lower back support. The Power Lumbar feature provides ergonomic support, ensuring our backs are cradled in comfort.

The Full-Width Power Headrest adds an extra layer of relaxation, while the Lithium Battery Back-Up gives us peace of mind. With comfort and style in perfect balance, we can't help but feel at ease in the Viva Lift Metro.

Specifications and Details

We take a closer look at the Viva Lift Metro's specifications, which reveal a chair designed to fit seamlessly into our daily lives. The chair has overall dimensions of 33 inches in width and 41 inches in height. Considering size, the chair's medium size and 21-inch seat width guarantee a comfortable fit for users between 5'4' and 6'0'.

Weight capacity is a generous 325 pounds, making it suitable for most users. Fabric options include brown and grey, and a thorough warranty coverage provides peace of mind. With a product weight of 142 pounds, this chair is sturdy yet manageable.

We appreciate the attention to detail in the design, ensuring the Viva Lift Metro fits effortlessly into our homes and daily routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize the Viva Lift Metro's Fabric and Color?

"Hey, did you know 75% of people consider comfort and style when buying a lift chair? We're happy to report that yes, you can customize the Viva Lift Metro's fabric and color with various upholstery choices, offering a personalized style that fits your unique color palette and material preferences."

Is the Viva Lift Metro Suitable for People With Mobility Impairments?

"We understand the struggles of mobility impairments, and we're happy to report that the Viva Lift Metro is designed with accessibility features in mind, as testified by users who've regained independence and comfort with this chair."

Does the Viva Lift Metro Come With a Warranty or Guarantee?

"We're thrilled to report that, yes, our beloved lift chair does come with a warranty period, and we can even opt for extended coverage - because peace of mind matters, folks!"

Can I Assemble the Viva Lift Metro Myself or Do I Need Help?

"We're not DIY experts, but if you're handy, you might be able to assemble the Viva Lift Metro yourself, though it's recommended to have help, considering the chair's weight and complex assembly, which can take around 30-60 minutes."

Are There Any Discounts or Promotions Available for the Viva Lift Metro?

"We're always on the lookout for savings! We've spotted holiday sales and bundle deals that can help you score a better price on your new lift chair - stay tuned for updates on our promotions page!"

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